A couple of GroupWise 8/8.01 issues of note

Now that GroupWise 8.01 has shipped and is “out in the wild” so to speak, a couple of issues have cropped up that we are adding to the errata pages for our GroupWise 8 Upgrade Guide and our Moving GroupWise Guide.  If you have purchased either of these books, remember that we have promised to include the errata information here in the blog so that you can subscribe to our blog RSS feed and get the info as soon as it hits the errata pages.

GWDCA Running on NetWare

The GroupWise Document Converter Agent is intended to provide indexing capabilities for document types that are not supported by the QuickFinder process running at the Post Office Agent.  For example, the DCA can index PDFs, docx files OpenOffice files and other types not previously supported.  This allows for both attachments in the GroupWise system and documents in the GWDMS to be indexed and included in searches in the GroupWise client.  However, on NetWare there is no viewer for Acrobat files, and when the DCA attempts to index a PDF the DCA process crashes.

Problems with the GWDCA running on NetWare still persist (and by some accounts are worse in GroupWise 8.01 than on GroupWise 8 shipping code).  If you are running a Post Office Agent on NetWare, there are two ways to address this:

  • Disable the DCA altogether:  If you have no need for the DCA at all, then put the /nodca switch in your POA startup file.  This will effectively remove the functionality of the DCA and return your NetWare post office to the same indexing functionality of GroupWise 7.
  • In order to simply remove the attempts at indexing PDFs, add /dcafilter-“pdf,img” to your post office startup file.  While this is the preferred method (because it allows for indexing of other new document types), if you run into any additional problems with the DCA crashing after enabling this switch, the final solution is to add the /nodca switch as indicated above.  Note that all file types indicated in this switch will be skipped during the indexing.

GroupWise 8.01 on SLES11

GroupWise 8.01 adds support for SLES11.  While for the most part everything will run exactly the same, some items (such as ncpfs) are only available on the SDK DVD, so you might have to go hunting for files.

Additionally, if you are running ConsoleOne on SLES11, you may run into Java errors.  TID 7004506 on the Novell Support site has instructions on installing Java 1.6 and modifying the JREHome Path in the ConsoleOne script on that server.  It has also been reported that if you are running ConsoleOne as a non-root user, you may need to change the permissions of the ConsoleOne script to 666.

These tips have also been included in the errata pages for the books listed above.



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