A New iPhone Owner

Okay – so I did it!  I decided to buy an iPhone.  My excuse is that our new foreign exchange student needed a cell phone, so rather than add a new line to our family plan, I got a phone on an entirely different cell phone provider.  Hmmm – I’m sure there is more logic to this than it sounds like NOW!

I had been using a NotifyLink hosted account for testing on my iPod Touch (I know – I’m a true geek), and I liked the Notify implementation, even if I wasn’t convinced that I like the device overall.  But now that I’m REALLY using for more than just “testing” (errr that probably means “play”), I’m starting to like it a bit better.

I have to say that NotifyLink is perfect!  The service does everything that you can expect for this phone.  No tasks (because there is no native Task app on the iPhone), but otherwise, I’m thrilled with the NotifyLink part of the experience.

So, if you have an iPhone and want to hook it up to GroupWise, contact the good people at www.notifylink.com, and tell them that Danita sent you 🙂

Off to play with, ummm TEST my iPhone some more!


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