BrainShare Scheduler is Live

The BrainShare Scheduler is Live and it’s time to get scheduling. And of course, even though the Early-Bird specials have passed, you can still register for BrainShare this year – it’s never really too late 🙂 – just go to the Novell BrainShare site to register or work out your schedule.

I will be speaking at BrainShare for three separate sessions. Be sure to check out TUT205 — Upgrading to GroupWise Bonsai, TUT220 — Migrating Novell GroupWise to Linux, and BOF210 — Protecting your Organization’s Novell Groupwise Investment.

Personally, I find a number of sessions quite interesting, and it’s quite distressing for me that I can’t attend them all! For example, IO146 — Using SSH with Linux, DL300 — Using SOAP with GroupWise Document Management, TUT210 — An In-depth Look at the Novell GroupWise Internet Agent, TUT301 — Securing Your Novell GroupWise System, TUT302 — Best Practices for Administering Novell GroupWise, TUT303 — Open Enterprise Server 2 Cluster: From Beginning to Extremes. I could go on and on and on.

Exciting stuff!



GWAVACon is just around the corner

I have to say that I had such a great time at GWAVACon this year. Part of it was because I’m still a San Diego girl at heart and I got to see some old friends, but mostly it was because I just really like this conference. Over the years it has grown so far past being just a “GWAVA” conference into being a vital can’t miss “GroupWise” conference. I love BrainShare for all of the bustle and excitement and being able to stretch my brain into areas that I don’t often look at holed up in my GroupWise World. But GWAVACon is where I want to be when I need a real GroupWise shot in the arm. For me as a speaker that means some one-on-one time with folks I “chat” with in my virtual world all year long, taking the time to appreciate some face time and discussions with my peers/friends/family. For attendees there is plenty of that as well. Certainly seeing that you are part of a bigger GroupWise family is heartening. But the pure “GroupWise” knowledge and expertise that GWAVACon gathers together cannot be matched at any other conference.

So why not join me there in January? This year the conference is in Las Vegas (near enough to the strip to give you other diversions if the sheer thrill of GroupWise is not enough), the last week of January. Run over to and register! They are having an early-bird special through December 6, 2008. Plus you can get an extra $100.00 off by putting “goddess” in the discount code area.

As far as what I will speak on this year, I’m still up for suggestions. Drop a comment here and let me know what you’d like to hear about!


GroupWise Security Update

It’s just been announced that GroupWise 7 SP3 fixes a security issue with shared folders. Without going into all of the gory details, there are ways with the Windows Client API to see mail from the owner of the shared folder that is not inside of the specific shared folder. In order to protect your site from this, you need to apply GroupWise 7 SP3, or GroupWise 6.5, SP3 Update 3 and lockout all older clients.

You are at risk if you allow shared folders in your organization. That said, the exploit cannot be used by your standard user with the GroupWise client. However, a programmer with knowledge of the Windows Client API could build an applet that would allow him/her to peek at other items in the shared folder owner’s mailbox.

Of course, only you know if the extent of the risk for your organization warrants you staying up late tonight! But patch you should!

Read more about this in TID 3263374 .

GroupWise 7 SP3 can be found here.

The GroupWise 6.5.6 Update 3 client is here.


GroupWise and Friends

I just spent a really great week in Austria and Germany for the GroupWise and Friends conference (and then on to Switzerland for a couple of days of R&R).  I had a WONDERFUL time, and have to thank Marco Mikulits for being a WONDERFUL tour guide during my stay.  I was especially grateful for the time he spent showing me Vienna, and feel that for a 3 day stay I got to see quite a bit considering that a good portion of 2 days was spent inside the conference center!

For each of the Austria and Germany events, I presented a 4 hour “GroupWise on Linux” session as a “pre-event special day”, and then a short presentation on the GWIA during their “big day event”.  Marc Conradty was a co-presenter in that session, and I believe it was well received.

While I attempted to do the sessions in German, I was often side-swiped by my slides and forced back to English when my poor brain wouldn’t translate quickly enough in my head.  While I might be able to speak decent German, I realize I will never make a living as an interpreter!

Thanks to everyone in the GroupWise and Friends community who made this trip possible. Hope to see you again soon!


Caledonia's Upgrade Guide is in its final stages

We’re just about done with our Upgrade Guide for GroupWise 8.  I’m busy putting the final touches on it now, and we’re planning a big “ship date” for the week of November 18, 2008.  Which day in that week is still debatable.  It really depends on how well I take to my new Adobe Indesign
(I decided that my old FrameMaker is not going to work for me this time, and I’m learning as I go!).  By far the hardest part of this project for me has been learning Adobe products, and not the writing of the book! 🙂

In anticipation of our launch next week, we’re offering an early bird special.  Buy the book before we actually start sending it out the door and you’ll save 20%.  This time around we’re pricing the book at $40.00.  You can get it now for $32.00 and a download link will be sent as soon as I give it the “Danita blessing”.  (Oh, and if you miss the early bird offer, but are a purchaser of the GroupWise 7 Guide, we’ll honor that $32.00 price through the end of the year – we’ll send out another email about that after things get rolling).

If you want to see more about this offer go to

Wish me good luck with InDesign!


Adobe InDesign CS4 - Full Adobe InDesign CS4 – Full

Adobe InDesign CS4

GroupWise and Social Net- working

A fellow GroupWise enthusiast contacted me recently to let me know that he thought an “I Love GroupWise” group should be initiated on Facebook.  There were a couple of less positive groups on the site, and while there were also a number of pro-GroupWise groups, none was really “active and visible”.  So, we created the I LOVE NOVELL GROUPWISE group.

There has been a lot of discussion of Social Networking lately among various groups that I’m associated with.  Some people think it’s a vital part of a total “Web Presence” for a company.  Others find Social Networking a waste of their time.  My take on it is as long as it’s important for one of Novell or Caledonia’s customers, then it’s important to us as well!

So, if you are a fan of GroupWise and Social Networking, come on over and join in.  You can find us here.  And as a GroupWise fan, you will also be interested in Omni-TS’s Facebook Integration tool for GroupWise!

See you there!


Happy Birthday GroupWise

I got an email today from a good friend, Rodney Bliss, to tell me that GroupWise (Dos version) turns 20 years old today!  Wow!

Of course, back then it was known as WordPerfect Office 2.0, but it was the beginnings of what would later become the GroupWise we know and love.  While I don’t remember the exact day I began using WordPerfect Office, it WAS version 2.0, in the Spring of 1989.  And while I didn’t meet Rodney Bliss (or even Richard for that matter) for many years after my first email, I got to know Rodney’s wife Annie fairly early along the way, and had no idea that this product would become so much a part of my life.  Not only is GroupWise what pays the bills and keeps me on my toes, but GroupWise is also what has brought me good friends and colleagues along the way.  I think of how much of my day is spent just communicating with so many people who are involved in GroupWise, and I can’t help but believe that my life is richer because of these people, and thus indirectly because of this “little email program”.

In many ways, GroupWise is even responsible for me meeting my husband Joe Zanre!  If I had not been a sysop on the WPUsers forum on Compuserve, Joe and I never would have met!  I guess I owe an awful lot to the developers of this product 🙂


WordPress Spam and Attacks

My phone turns of the sound from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. every night.  Normally this works just fine, even on weekends, but this morning at 6 a.m. my very pleasant chime that I’ve put on my Nokia E61i for email notification started chiming every couple of minutes!  I was getting hammered with “comments” added to my site (which are always moderated), and then I got a message from Google that my blog had been compromised.  It’s fixed now, but it’s annoying!

Being in the anti-spam business myself, I DO know that there must be SOME return on “investment” for these folks.  I mean, if every site blocked their missives, if no one clicked on a link, if no one bought their wares, they would stop right (well, all but the most anti-social of the bunch I guess)?  But my WordPress “spam” has become almost as back as my email spam!  All I can say is “grumble”.

So anyway, I’ve fixed the problem, and asked Google to recheck the problem, but for those of you who got a warning accessing the site this morning, so sorry!

Stay cool (I have that on the brain right now, living in the Denver area!)


GroupWise 8 Has Hit Public Beta!

GroupWise 8 posted last night to Be sure to check it out!

Although there is no official support for the beta at, the sysops there will provide “best efforts” in pointing you in the right direction.



San Diego GWAVACon revisited

I had a really good time in San Diego for GWAVACon, even though I was soooooooooo sick.  I thank all of you who attended my Saturday “Afternoon with Danita” where we pondered the ins and outs of GroupWise on Linux.  Sorry I had to sit down in the chair a few times, but that was preferable to falling down I think!

For those of you who missed it, (both the Afternoon with Danita AND GWAVACon itself), I think you missed an excellent conference.  As usual the GWAVA folks put on a wonderful show with first quality accommodation and venue.

I took some time while I was there to spend some time in my old home of Ocean Beach, and visited a friend I haven’t seen in 10 years (and her husband who I haven’t seen in about 20!).  Good times were had by all.

While I was walking around Ocean Beach, down the street where I lived, I noticed the following house, which I think embodies the spirit of the place, and made me want to go home, pack up the family and move back to Ocean Beach <heehee>.

Have a great February!