Want a peek at GroupWise 2014 (Windermere)?

GroupWIse2014Novell has just announced some “sneak peek” webinars to show off the upcoming GroupWise 2014.  You can find out  more about it here!

I think you’ll like what you see!  Check it out.

We’ll be having some announcements soon regarding our GroupWise Mobility Service 2.0 book and our Upgrading to GroupWise 2014 book.  Both are scheduled to ship the same day these products become “public”, whether that be as a tech preview or shipping, depending on Novell’s finally launch plans.  Stay tuned!



Two GroupWise books on the horizon

Wow!  It’s November 1 already.  This year has flown by.  Here in the United States we are gearing up for 2 months of “holiday season” and often this is seen as a slow time of year for those who are not in the “retail” business.
Novell has changed that for us this year.  With two big GroupWise releases planned for this year, there is a lot to look forward to over the next two months.  Caledonia has some big news too, so let’s get to it!  Take advantage of our offers below by November 15, 2013 to get some extra special bonuses!
First of all, the new “GroupWise Mobility Service 2.0” should be shipping from Novell in November.  While there is no firm date yet, it definitely will be coming soon.  I personally think you will love the changes to the product (formerly the Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack), and we’re gearing up to release the Caledonia Guide to the GroupWise Mobility Service 2.0 the day it is in your hands.  You can pre-order it here http://bit.ly/1cv13RE.  Get it ordered now while you are thinking about it, because the next two months will have a lot going on in the GroupWise arena.
GroupWise 2014 is also planned for this year. Caledonia has provided thorough and detailed Upgrade Guides for GroupWise since version 6.0.  GroupWise 2014 is no exception.  We’ve been working hard to go through all of the ins and outs of the upgrade to GroupWise 2014, and this upgrade is not one you want to do without considerable preparation.  So, this guide is also on pre-order.  If you are migrating from NetWare (or moving to a new Linux/Windows server, or even between Windows and Linux), you need to go get this guide – http://bit.ly/1atlixm.  If you are upgrading in place on Windows or Linux, then this guide is what you need http://bit.ly/1ghUmCV.  If you just want to have them both, you can get a bundle here http://bit.ly/181tgb3 .
All of our guides are currently 20% off, and will remain so until the day the products ship.  So, get them now, and relax, knowing that we’ve got you covered!
Finally, we want to announce something that we think is pretty awesome.  The Caledonia Power Administrator’s Resource.  No, this isn’t a book: this is a members only site where you will have the following great benefits:
  • Free ongoing access to all of the books Danita writes*
  • Discounts on many tools and 3rd party products that Caledonia sells
  • Members only videos that show step-by-step how-tos to help you perform some of the most important (and difficult) GroupWise administration tasks
  • 1 free hour per membership quarter of personal hands-on remote consulting by Danita**
  • Discounts on remote consulting
  • And more!
If you purchase any of the books announced above by November 15, 2013, you will receive a free two month subscription to the site when it opens on December 1, 2013.  After November 15, 2013, purchasers of any of these books will receive one free month subscription, effective when the site opens December 1, 2013.
We are excited about all of the great new GroupWise products which will be available soon!  Hopefully you are too!
By the way, if you want to keep up with the daily goings on at Caledonia, come and like our Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/Caledonia.Net – we’d love to see you there!
As always, we appreciate your ongoing support of Caledonia.  Without great customers, we couldn’t be here!
Hope to hear from you soon!


* to qualify for free book releases, you must have been a paying member of the site in good standing for two consecutive months prior to book release
** to qualify for the free one-hour consulting, you must have been a member of the site for three consecutive months prior to work being performed, or pay for the membership quarterly or annually.

Putting a dot in a Nickname

As most GroupWise admins know, GroupWise Nicknames, while created actually long before Internet email was even widely available, have become the defacto standard for allowing users to receive mail with email addresses not generally tied to their userids or names.  As you know, out of the box GroupWise can support many different internet addressing methods such as:

  • first.last@domain.com
  • last.first@domain.com
  • userid@domain.com
  • flast@domain.com

These are only a few of the options, but all of these are available.

Sometimes sites need to allow an inbound name that has a dot in it.  For example, let’s say that the organization users first.last addressing and a user changes her last name.  The original email address might have been jane.doe@company.com, and now it is jane.smith@company.com.

Typically when a site is using userid@company.com, or even flast@company.com we just go and create a nickname of the previous name so that mail to the former id will not bounce.  However, GroupWise will not allow you to create a nickname of jane.doe – the dot in the nickname is not allowed.

All is not lost.  Simply create a nickname of jdoe, and give the nickname a first name of Jane and last name of Doe.  As long as your site is allowing first.last addressing schemes, jane.doe@company.com will continue to be a valid ID!

Happy GroupWising.


ConsoleOne doesn’t allow me to select a domain directory

Recently I’ve been asked quite a bit about a problem with ConsoleOne on Linux after a new GroupWise 2012 installation, or an upgrade from GroupWise 8.  Sites are having trouble where ConsoleOne will not present the admin with a “pick window” when choosing Tools|GroupWise System Operations|Select Domain.  No box pops up to allow a connection to the GroupWise domain.

I can only say mea culpa to part of this!  Indeed our Upgrade Guide suggests that you install the GroupWise administration files manually rather than going through the install script, and this is what is causing the trouble. We HAVE documented this in the errata page for the book (check out http://wiki.caledonia.net) but I guess a lot of people don’t go and look at the wiki.

So here’s the deal.  If you do not use the install script for installing or updating your ConsoleOne snapins, and if OpenMotif has not been properly configured on the server previously, you will have this problem.  The quickest and easiest fix is to simply run the install script and choose to install (but not configure) GroupWise Administration.

Hope that helps!


Get a great book from Gert ter Burg and support Parkinson’s Research

Gert ter Burg has been in charge of one of the most comprehensive sites about GroupWise for 11 years – if you don’t know about http://gwcheck.com, then get over there and check it out!

One of Gert’s many contributions to the GroupWise communities over the years has been one-on-one interviews with influential names in the GroupWise world, ranging from Novell/Attachmate top dogs, product managers, engineers, third-party vendors, consultants and administrators.  Here at Caledonia, we’ve helped Gert compile those interviews into a little book called Interviewing the GroupWise Community.  Caledonia is selling this book on Gert’s behalf, with profits going directly to Gert himself.  Go purchase this book here!

However, you have the opportunity than do more than read some interviews about GroupWise.  You can also support a cause near and dear to Gert and those of us here at Caledonia.  Gert manages to do all of the great things he does to support GroupWise, while dealing with Parkinson’s disease in his own life.

Here’s what Gert has to say about his condition:

“I found out to have Parkinson Disease / PD in february 2006. It is genetic in our family. There are great names to have PD as well, such as Michael J. Fox, the previous Pope, Maurice White – lead singer of Earth Wind and Fire, Janet Reno, Salvador Dali, Mao Zedong. If you have any Questions on PD, send them to gert@gwcheck.com, and perhaps I will put up a page with this info and your questions on the site as well. ”

So, we’re going to make you a deal!  For every book we sell on Gert’s behalf, we will also donate $1.00 to the National Parkinson Foundation in Gert’s name through our charitable organization, Navitie House Foundation.  We’ll even give you the opportunity during purchase to add additional funds to your donation if you so desire. If you simply wish to donate to the National Parkinson’s Foundation on Gert’s behalf, click here.

Thanks for your support.

We’ve updated the Novell Mobility Server Guide

We’ve updated the Caledonia Guide to the Novell Mobility Server to include the many changes that have happened through version 1.2.5. And there are a lot.

If you purchased this book in the past 6 months, you will receive this book for free.  We will update our site by Friday, May 10 for you to log into your account and download the new version.  If you experience any difficulties let us know.  Again, this will be available on May 10 for purchasers of the Guide since November 1, 2012.

If it’s been more than 6 months since your purchase, you will receive a separate email with a coupon code for a special “upgrade” price for the book.

This book covers planning, installation, administration and tips and tricks for your Mobility Server.

Find out more about it here today.

Also, we’re starting a new wiki at wiki.caledonia.net.  While we intend for this to eventually be a site where we share GroupWise information of all kinds, for now it is the home of our new book errata pages.  If you find problems in any of our books, feel free to send us information about it, or even open an account on the wiki site and add your own information.  In any event, you can find changes, additions and clarifications to our books in this wiki.

Hope you are having a fantastic Wednesday!

GroupWise 2012 Administrator’s Guide is Shipping!

Willem Bagchus has just sent me the final PDF for the GroupWise 2012 Administrator’s Guide, and the print copies are being prepared for shipping now!  Purchase your copy now here on our shopping cart.  Whether or not you have purchased the book (or even intend to purchase it), I invite you to check out what I call Willem’s “Love Letter to GroupWise“.  It’s a great little history about GroupWise, and reading it gives you a wonderful overview of how far GroupWise has come in the last 25 years!  Enjoy.


The GroupWise 2012 Upgrade Guide


If you have purchased a PDF version of the book, you can download it by logging in at http://www.caledonia.net/download.html – if for some reason you do not see a download link there, please click the Contact Us link above.  Some of the very first purchasers did not have this information included in the shopping cart, and we can manage it for you manually.

Please take particular note of the text file in the zip that contains the PDF password.  Per Willem’s request, the PDF requires a password to open it.

Happy GroupWising!



Caledonia Spring Cleaning

Up here in the Northern Hemisphere it’s (theoretically) Spring.  Of course, we just had a nice Spring Storm in Colorado that dumped close to a foot of snow on us, but these are minor details!  So it’s really time for Spring Cleaning, don’t you think?

By SundayMorning FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Back in January, we contacted Caledonia customers, offering our services for assisting to get your GroupWise systems up to GroupWise 2012 (and migrated off of NetWare if needed).  We had a really great response, and our first quarter was filled with many, many migrations.  We virtually toured through China, Australia, Canada, Finland, Denmark and the UK.  Here in the US hearts were left in San Francisco, we got BIG in Texas, had Carolina (North) on our minds, and oddly spent a lot of remote “time” in Michigan!  If you want to see some of the highlights, check out the Caledonia Facebook Page.

But I know there are a lot of sites out there that just weren’t ready yet, so here’s a reminder note to let you know that we are still here, ready and willing to prepare you for the next big move to Windermere down the road.  I hope you are ready too!  If so, just drop me a note, and we’ll get started!