Announcing the GroupWise 2012 Administrator’s Guide

Hi everyone! Here we are nearing the end of January, 2013. Hardly seems possible that the first month of the year has just disappeared. The good news in all of that of course is that next week is BrainShare in Salt Lake City! I hope to be able to see many of you there.

In preparation for BrainShare, Caledonia has been busy getting the process finalized for bringing you the latest in great books. Willem Bagchus is finishing up the Groupwise 2012 Administrator’s Guide, and will be promoting it heavily next week at BrainShare. But of course, we wanted Caledonia customers to know about it first!

The Novell GroupWise 2012 Administrator’s Guide is the authoritative guide for successfully administrating and maintaining the newest release of Novell’s communication and collaboration solution.

Author Willem Bagchus, a Novell Master CNE and GroupWise administrator for over 10 years, will provide you with insider tips on administration solutions, proven information on how to work with GroupWise 2012, and techniques for troubleshooting this latest release of GroupWise not available in the standard GroupWise 2012 documentation.

Among other things, this guide will cover:

  • GroupWise Architecture
  • Using GroupWise System Operations
  • Installing and Upgrading GroupWise
  • Moving Resources, Distribution Lists
  • Real-World Tips from the Field
  • Novell Data Synchronizer, Mobility
  • Creating a Backup Solution for GroupWise
  • Helper Applications, Latest Technologies
  • Antispam and Security

The book will be available in April, in soft-cover print, as a PDF, or as a bundle of both the print book and the PDF. While we’re happy to ship the book anywhere in the world, it IS heavy, so I suspect that some of you outside of the US will be happy to have it in PDF format, and save on shipping charges.

>>Click here<< to see more info on the book on our shopping cart.

Between now and February 28, 2013, the book (which will retail for $44.95) is being sold as a pre-order for $33.80.

AND to sweeten the pot, for those of you still on that proverbial fence about upgrading to GroupWise 2012, a purchase of the GroupWise 2012 Administrator’s Guide during this “BrainShare” special will also entitle you to a 10% discount on Caledonia consulting services (limitations apply, see fine print below, etc., etc.!).*

I’ve known Willem for many years, and he is top notch when it comes to GroupWise. You will be well served to have an administrator’s guide written by him!

If you are at BrainShare next week, come and talk to me! I’ll be at the Knowledge Partners’ Booth as usual (near the South Entrance to the Salt Palace). I’d love to hear all about your GroupWise systems, and your plans for your GroupWise future!


* The 10% consulting discount is available through June 30, 2013, for consulting time up to 4 hours. In order to be eligible for the discount, hours must either be pre-paid by check or credit card, or paid by credit card on the day the work is performed.

You asked for prepaid rates, so here goes!

A couple of weeks ago I send out a message about “Getting off of the fence” and upgrading to GroupWise 2012.  I’ve had great response from this, and if you are reading this thinking “she’s writing directly to me” you are not alone.  That has been a recurring theme in conversations I’ve had with many GW sites.

Anyway, another one of the recurring themes is whether I have “prepayment” discounts.  Typically I don’t.  But I’ve heard this over and over.  I realize that budgets are tight everywhere, so if you feel a need for a discount for prepayment, I can do that!

Go to our Shopping Cart to the Consulting Fees category.  I have my “normal” rates for day/evening/weekend discounted for prepayment.  I don’t discount my overnight or emergency rates!

If you want to get a feel for how many hours you might need to prepay for our services, just drop me a line on our Contact Form, and we’ll start by putting together a good estimate for your work!

Happy GroupWising!



Have you upgraded to GroupWise 2012 yet?

Hi everyone, and Happy New Year!!!

It’s January 4, and I’ve done two GroupWise migrations already this year!  But I know that there are a lot of you out there who have not upgraded to GroupWise 2012 yet, and perhaps more importantly have not migrated from NetWare yet.

Now, let me say I get it.  I really do!  I love NetWare too, but I’d really like to help you get ready for Windermere (the next version of GroupWise) later this year (or early next year if you are one of those sites that likes to “wait awhile” – and face it, if you are still on NetWare, pre-GroupWise 2012, you obviously ARE one of those sites that likes to wait awhile)!  I think that’s okay if you’ve been putting it off because NetWare “just works”.  I personally am also an “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” type of person myself in many respects. However, it’s time to finally take the plunge.

Windermere is going to bring a lot of administrative changes.  I personally would recommend that everyone get to GroupWise 2012 on 64 bit Linux (or Windows if you must!) prior to upgrading to Windermere.  There will be enough “new” to deal with in Windermere itself, so why add to the possible frustrations of “change” by having to do two really big changes at once.

I have decided to dedicate the 1st quarter of 2013 to getting everyone I can migrated and upgraded to GroupWise 2012.  If I can help you I will!

I perform remote upgrades for customers all of the time.  Let’s discuss how I can do this for you.  My rates are very competitive, and I’m probably the fastest upgrade you’ll ever see.  I have done remote migrations for single post office systems, and 50 server systems!  Nothing is too small or two large, and I want your GroupWise system to be as perfect as possible!

If you have been sitting on the fence because you just couldn’t make yourself find the time, or you are reluctant to take on this challenge all by yourself, contact me.  Drop me an email, or phone me at +1-720-319-7530.  As long as you can provide adequate remote access for me, I can help you no matter what part of the world you live it.

Let’s get this done, and make 2013 a great GroupWise year!


GWMigrate for migrating Exchange to GroupWise has been updated

We’re happy to announce that GWMigrate, the Utility from KSJ Software has been updated.  Check out the great details:

GWMigrate works by reading the folders within a user’s Outlook mailbox or PST, and recreating that structure in a GroupWise. GWMigrate interfaces with the Outlook client to read information from an Exchange Server or PST file, and interfaces with the GroupWise client to recreate the information in GroupWise.

Currently supported versions of Outlook are 2003, 2007 & 2010

Currently supported versions of GroupWise are 7, 8 & 2012

GWMigrate currently only runs on either Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

The following items are transferred from the existing mailbox or PST to the new GroupWise mailbox:

Emails, Appointments (including recurring), Contacts, Tasks, Documents, Posted Items and Notes*.

Recurring appointments are recreated as individual appointments in GroupWise. The word recurring is appended to the subject of the appointment. All Outlook recurrence patterns are supported, as well as exceptions to recurrence patterns.

File and embedded message attachments are also supported (embedded OLE attachments are not supported). Message attachments are converted to GroupWise messages, which means that multiple nested messages (i.e messages forward as attachments several times) can be migrated.

The following are some of the key features in v4:

  • In addition to live data, Archived data stored in PST files can also be migrated to a GroupWise account.
  • Public Folder migration allows you to select individual folders to be migrated. Public Folders can be to migrated directly into a GroupWise resource.
  • Individual documents stored in Outlook folders are migrated.
  • Embedded message attachments are migrated as GroupWise message attachments.
  • Message priority and privacy settings are maintained.
  • Free/Busy information on appointments is migrated.
  • Date filtering, plus the option to migrate all day appointments as notes.
  • Improved Migration Engine Migrates Data Faster Than Previous Versions
  • Category Support
  • Unicode Support
  • HTML Support
  • Additional Contact Fields Are Migrated
  • The Name Of The Folder Containing The Migrated Items In GroupWise Can Now Be Specified
  • Items Can Be Migrated Directly To The GroupWise Cabinet
  • Contents Of The Outlook Mailbox Can Be Migrated Directly To The GroupWise Inbox
  • Draft Items Can Be Migrated Directly To The GroupWise WIP Folder
  • Personal Distribution Lists Can Be Migrated

Migrations can be performed one account at a time, or an automated bulk migration can be performed using a CSV file containing a list of the accounts/PSTs to be migrated.

*As GWMigrate uses the Outlook client to perform the migration, items that cannot be opened normally in the Outlook client, may not be completely migrated.

You can download a trial version of the product which has all the functionality of the full product, but hides the contents of every fifth email it migrates.  Click here for trial download.

Find out more about the product and pricing here.

Happy migrating!!



Things are looking grim for Danita!

Don’t panic!  It’s only a web comic!  But it sure is fun.

Many of you who follow Caledonia know Howard Tayler and his web comic Schlock Mercenary.  I met Howard 18 years ago at WordPerfect Corporation.  I attended a training for WordPerfect’s online volunteer support team (there were some of us from CompuServe and The Source there – that should take some of you back a bit), and Howard was doing training on “WordPerfect Office”.  Howard later became the Product Manager for Novell GroupWise.  For the past 11 years, Howard has been penning a fun and daring web comic, and a few years ago he decided to give it a try for “real” and made it his full time job.  I frequently remind Howard that he is my proof of “life after IT”.

I’ve been a recurring “character” in Schlock for about 8 months now, but it’s not looking good for my long-term survival there I’d say!  I keep hoping that maybe I’ll be more like Novell and GroupWise though, and keep beating the odds!  If you are reading this post, then GroupWise (and Novell) is probably still beating the odds where you are too.  Good and solid products (and people) are hard to kill off, and I’m thankful that you are all still around to follow my GroupWise musings (and my web comic life).  At least Schlock’s “Danita” is managing to put up a good fight too!

While you’re at it, check out our sister company’s great ongoing contest.  Enter once to be eligible for the daily drawing for the next two years!  How easy is that.  Go check it out here.

Happy GroupWising!



Windermere News

I want to point out a blog series by Dean Lythgoe that you will be wanting to keep an eye on over the next few months.  His blog is found at  Dean has started to unveil changes and new features that will be happening as GroupWise moves forward.

Some recent key points that Dean has made are very important, and I want to go over them here with you.  So let’s jump in:

64 bit agents

We had already thought that 64-bit only agents would come with GroupWise 2012, but this was pushed off to Windermere.  Now, I realize that most of you probably already have your 64 bit hardware in place.  It’s entirely possible though that you’ve not moved to 64 bit OSs yet.  If not, and you plan on doing any GroupWise server changes in the near future, make sure you get onto your 64 bit OS so that Windermere will be a simpler upgrade.

No SoftWare Distribution Directory

All I can say to this one is Hallelujah!  The SDD really has been a poorly understood and either unused or incorrectly used component in GroupWise since its very inception (sorry Novell).  I cannot even begin to count how many installations I’ve worked on where the SDD was just a mess.  Maybe I should instead try to count the times I’ve found the SDD to be correctly implemented, but I’m actually having trouble recalling any (well, I do know of a few, but they are the vast minority).  So let’s just not worry about this one and be happy!

One, Multi-language Download

There will no longer be a separate “English Only” download.  This is also not a big issue.  The multilingual download is slightly larger, but we now have better bandwidth and more storage, so this is okay.  It makes for fewer complications.  I have known of many instances where installation problems did not exist in one type of download, but cropped up in the other.  Having only one build will help avoid problems.

Right To Left Languages

So, the bad news here, if you are currently using Arabic or Hebrew languages, is that these are being dropped in Windermere.  I personally have no clients that I deal with daily who will be affected, but I know there are some of you out there.  I’d be interested to hear your thoughts here.

Document Properties Maintenance

Okay – so here’s one that should not surprise us I guess.  Document Mangement in GroupWise, while not being entirely dropped, has been on the “ignore” side of the chart for some time.  We already have the issue that we cannot modify Document Properties in ConsoleOne on Linux, and this will not be added to the new Web administration for Windermere.  If you continue to maintain GroupWise DMS, you will need to keep a copy of Windows ConsoleOne with appropriate snapins around to deal with your Document Properties.


Keep your eyes open for future additionals to Dean’s blog about Windermere, and I will continue to give you a heads up!


Check out our Great Silver Giveaway!

Our sister company is moving forward in the silver and gold business, and we’re having a lot of fun.  I was at a high level planning meeting in Dallas last weekend, and we unveiled a great silver promotion – check it out here!

Till next time.  Good GroupWising!


Advansys RecollX – Skype Archiving and Retrieval for Business!

Last week I had the opportunity to catch up with my friends Greg and Jeremy Bell at Advansys Corp in Australia.  I’ve been wanting to get together with them for AGES, but they’ve been busy getting their new product ready and out the door.  Advansys RecollX is a great tool for anyone who uses Skype for business.

In chatting with Greg, he explained to me how RecollX grew out of a need for Advansys employees to be able to manage important information for their projects, customer support and sales in Skype.  As an Australian company doing business all over the world, Skype plays an integral role in their daily business.  If you are like me, this rings true for you too, and realizing how much important information is discussed daily through Skype chats, having a way to archive, search and retrieve this information is crucial.

RecollX not only does full text searching, but also capitalizes on hash-tagging that has become ubiquitous through the use of Twitter.  If you and your organization use hash-tags in communicating with each other in Skype, RecollX can retrieve that information for you quickly, and show you your Skype messages IN CONTEXT so that you can find what you are looking for quickly.

Advansys has great pricing on RecollX through October 31, 2012.  We would love it if you would consider making your purchase through Caledonia!  You can find RecollX and pricing in our store at this link – Advansys RecollX Products.

To help celebrate the launch of RecollX, we’ve put our entire line of Advansys offerings on sale as well.   Advansys Archive to Go and Advansys PST Creator special pricing is listed in our store and ready to purchase online at these reduced prices through October 31, 2012.  If there are other Advansys products that we do not yet show special pricing for that you are interested in, please let us know, and we will do a special bid for you!

Thanks, and happy GroupWising!



GroupWise 2012 SP1 is ready!

Go get it!

The important enhancements are in WebAccess:

  • Android tablet support (WebAccess Mobile)
    • Android version 3.2 is supported. This device has been certified.
      • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    • Android version 4.x is supported. The following devices continue to be tested. Under some circumstances, these devices may not perform as expected.
      • ASUS TF201
      • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
  • RIM Playbook 2 support (WebAccess Mobile)
  • Bulgarian and Turkish UI support in WebAccess

There are also some security fixes and info that you should check out in Dean’s blog.



PS – if you are looking for a good cause to support, go check out this fund raiser.

GroupWise 8.0.3 HP1 is ready!

Today Novell announced the immediate availability of GroupWise 8.0.3 HP1. This includes an update for the GroupWise Mac client!

You can download the Hot Patch for Windows/NLM or Linux.  Additionally a separate Windows Client download can be found here.

This includes a security patch to address an issue with the Stellant Viewers from Oracle on both Linux and Windows servers.  Novell is still working with Oracle to develop a fix for NetWare.  And while I know there are a lot of NetWare sites out there still, wouldn’t this be a good time to just move on over to Linux?  GroupWise 2012 is not available for NetWare, and it’s becoming more and more evident that it’s harder to get fixes from third parties (like Oracle) for GW on NetWare.  Give it some thought – GroupWise 2012 is really very solid, and SP1 is just around the corner!

GroupWise Mac Client Update

If you have Mac users, you can also update the Mac client to address some bugs and even some slight enhancements.  Obviously, we’re hoping for some news from Novell regarding the direction for Mac (a birdy tells me we’ll have an announcement with SP1), but this new Mac client will give your users a better GroupWise experience.  You can use this updated Mac client on the following agent versions:

  • GroupWise 8.0.2 HP3
  • GroupWise 8.0.3 and 8.0.3 HP1
  • GroupWise 2012
  • Upcoming GroupWise 2012 SP1

Download Mac Update here!

As an aside, I’d like to invite you to a webinar that Richard Bliss and I are doing on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. Mountain Time.   This is a new venture that I’ve been working on with Richard regarding funding our passions and dreams.  I’ll soon be doing a Kickstarter campaign on my new book, which will be about my 20 years of working at home, and where that is leading me.  I hope you will attend this webinar!  “Seating” is limited though, so it will be recorded and available for replay (details later).  To register for the webinar, go to Mastering Kickstarter and Crowdfunding.  You can also find out more about my “life at home” on my web page, Move Out of the Office.



Novell seeks to give you what you want

I wanted to bring your attention to a blog series from Novell that you might find of interest.  Kari Woolf’s series on how customer input affects GroupWise features starts here.  Currently there are two parts to this series published, with a promise of more to come.  Here’s what’s planned in the series (I’ll update links as available):

Do the priorities listed in the graphic on this page meet your own experiences and expectations?  Keep making your voices heard!