BrainShare is Canceled

Novell has just announced that BrainShare 2009 is canceled.  Times are tough right now, all around of course!  I had heard rumors that many state agencies and larger corporations had simply mandated that NO out of state travel be allowed until further notice, and so this had to have a pretty big hit on anticipated attendance.  For those who would typically freak about this, I point you to the news that Apple says it will discontinue it’s participation in Macworld too!

For a very thoughtful and sincere discussion of the issue, read Kim Groneman’s post in the Novell BrainShare forum. Kim is definitely one of the good guys and I always appreciate and respect his take on these types of announcements.

Last month I talked about GWAVACon and how it is my favorite GroupWise Conference ever!  If you were thinking of attending GWAVACon, but could only afford one conference for 2009, this is something you should consider.  Read about the Caledonia presense at GWAVACon in my earlier blog entry, entitled GWAVACon is Just Around the Corner.  I don’t know if GWAVA will extend the “goddess” discount for Caledonia customers.  I have an email out to them to find out.  But it doesn’t hurt to try 🙂 – I’ll post back and let everyone know of any updates. [Update – yes indeed, the GWAVA folks say the $100 “goddess” discount is good right up to the day of the conference, so if you need some love, there you have it!]

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