BrainShare Scheduler is Live

The BrainShare Scheduler is Live and it’s time to get scheduling. And of course, even though the Early-Bird specials have passed, you can still register for BrainShare this year – it’s never really too late 🙂 – just go to the Novell BrainShare site to register or work out your schedule.

I will be speaking at BrainShare for three separate sessions. Be sure to check out TUT205 — Upgrading to GroupWise Bonsai, TUT220 — Migrating Novell GroupWise to Linux, and BOF210 — Protecting your Organization’s Novell Groupwise Investment.

Personally, I find a number of sessions quite interesting, and it’s quite distressing for me that I can’t attend them all! For example, IO146 — Using SSH with Linux, DL300 — Using SOAP with GroupWise Document Management, TUT210 — An In-depth Look at the Novell GroupWise Internet Agent, TUT301 — Securing Your Novell GroupWise System, TUT302 — Best Practices for Administering Novell GroupWise, TUT303 — Open Enterprise Server 2 Cluster: From Beginning to Extremes. I could go on and on and on.

Exciting stuff!



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