ConsoleOne doesn’t allow me to select a domain directory

Recently I’ve been asked quite a bit about a problem with ConsoleOne on Linux after a new GroupWise 2012 installation, or an upgrade from GroupWise 8.  Sites are having trouble where ConsoleOne will not present the admin with a “pick window” when choosing Tools|GroupWise System Operations|Select Domain.  No box pops up to allow a connection to the GroupWise domain.

I can only say mea culpa to part of this!  Indeed our Upgrade Guide suggests that you install the GroupWise administration files manually rather than going through the install script, and this is what is causing the trouble. We HAVE documented this in the errata page for the book (check out but I guess a lot of people don’t go and look at the wiki.

So here’s the deal.  If you do not use the install script for installing or updating your ConsoleOne snapins, and if OpenMotif has not been properly configured on the server previously, you will have this problem.  The quickest and easiest fix is to simply run the install script and choose to install (but not configure) GroupWise Administration.

Hope that helps!


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