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Dealing with Tasks on the iPhone — 5 Comments

  1. Hello. I signed up with Toodledo and paid for their Pro subscription and I setup the mail and reports notification.

    Everything is working fine except I’m missing the main thing here and that is groupwise Tasks. I get that I can send an email and it will create a task that I can see on the toodledo.com website and it syncs to my iphone toodledo app. Where the task doesn’t exist is in my Groupwise Tasks.

    Where did I go wrong?

  2. I think maybe you misunderstood my intent Robert. The tasks don’t become “GroupWise” tasks, but I can see them in GroupWise by virtue of having Toodledo as a web panel in my home view. So while they are not actual GroupWise tasks, they are visible to me in the GroupWise Home View in that web panel.


  3. Just beacme an iPhone user and was really struggling with adapting my work flow and email processing. Your article has given me hope and I look forward to implementing your ideas! Thank you!