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Does VMWare Zimbra really have to stoop to this? — 5 Comments

  1. It really irks me that the wiki page they point to as proof GroupWise was old, unofficial (there is a disclaimer at the bottom of every wiki page), and they KNOW that the official Novell product lifecycle page at http://support.novell.com/lifecycle contained the correct data which contradicts their claim. The wiki page they refer to is about GroupWise *HISTORY*, not future, and it was not authored by Novell, but by some of our customers wanting to record and track GroupWise history.

  2. If you really think that Zimbra is the way forward, take a look at:

    “PostMaster Incident Support:
    The PostMaster service had several impending disk failures. This caused the slow speeds, gateway timeouts and access problems. Over the last few days we have done a ground up rebuild of the service.

    The new system is now live and new mail is flowing. We are backfilling old emails into the system over the next few days.

    The server disk and san systems have been replaced outright, and the software has also been upgraded.
    Logging In / Passwords:
    You will need to use the web client first at postmaster.zos.vorari.net.

    Username = (your email address) Example: john.smith@postmaster.co.uk

    If you know your “secret question and answer”, you can reset your password at console.vorari.net.
    If you do not know these details, call support on +44 203 002 3761 to activate your account.

    You will then be prompted to change your password to one of your choice.

    Old Email:
    Your old email and folders will be backfilled over the next few days.

    We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and hope the new system will live up to the standard of service you expect and deserve.”

  3. Ok, so take Danita’s advice and let’s write some mails and complaints about business fairness (if there is fairness in this area).
    Maybe the Zimbra server will be overloaded by our mail flood. But we know this will not happen with GroupWise because GroupWise is stable, secure and future-proof.

    Cheap products need cheap advertising!

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