Give Something Back

This year a group of us from the local Denver Area Novell Users Group (DANUG, our local NUI Chapter) got involved with the Tennyson Center for Children. These are great kids who are truly at a “home of last resort” in many cases. As part of our local community outreach, we decided to have a bowling / pizza party for the kids, and since it is close to Christmas we also want to provide them with a few gifts. Here is an invitation (the link is to a PDF describing the party) to join us in body or spirit for this venture.  There are instructions on the PDF for sending in a donation of gift cards or check.  If you would like to contribute via credit card, you can click this link and put in the Dollar amount you would like to contribute.  Just please be sure to put “Tennyson” in the comments field when you make the charge, and I will make sure that the Tennyson Center gets a detail list of who has donated so that you can receive a receipt directly from the Center.

Thanks for taking the time to at least find out more about the Tennyson Center for Children, and their excellent work.


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