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GMS 3.0 for Windows Public Beta — 5 Comments

  1. If you are using the “new” 9.x clients, yes. They seem to do some kind of “talking” over port 3102 even if they are not using the network push functionality.


  2. Hi Danita,

    I installed a GMS 3 Beta server and the last Windows Mobile client on a iPaq 514.

    I tried to sync (pool, manual sync) with the new client on a 2.0.4 GMS server with Secure Gateway and it still works, so the client doesnt seems to need port 3102 to be open.

    As I can see, the Hotsync conduit is not available anymore for PalmOS devices, but the old client still work on GMS 3.

  3. I wasn’t really clear on the “9.x” clients. There are new clients for Palm OS and Symbian OS, and if you use these 9.x clients on those platforms, port 3102 must be open.


  4. Danita,

    I have the following :

    – 1 PO GW 7.0.3
    – 1 GMS 3 beta (upgraded from 2.0.4)
    – 1 SG GMS 3 beta (upgraded from 2.0.4)

    All on a virtual lab (vmware).

    I installed the new Palm client on a Palm T¦X.

    I enabled the Windows firewall to block port 3102 on the SG but I can still sync (using Wifi). It just seems that sync takes longer than if I free port 3102.