GroupWise 2012 Administrator’s Guide is Shipping!

Willem Bagchus has just sent me the final PDF for the GroupWise 2012 Administrator’s Guide, and the print copies are being prepared for shipping now!  Purchase your copy now here on our shopping cart.  Whether or not you have purchased the book (or even intend to purchase it), I invite you to check out what I call Willem’s “Love Letter to GroupWise“.  It’s a great little history about GroupWise, and reading it gives you a wonderful overview of how far GroupWise has come in the last 25 years!  Enjoy.


The GroupWise 2012 Upgrade Guide


If you have purchased a PDF version of the book, you can download it by logging in at – if for some reason you do not see a download link there, please click the Contact Us link above.  Some of the very first purchasers did not have this information included in the shopping cart, and we can manage it for you manually.

Please take particular note of the text file in the zip that contains the PDF password.  Per Willem’s request, the PDF requires a password to open it.

Happy GroupWising!



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