GroupWise 8.0.3 HP1 is ready!

Today Novell announced the immediate availability of GroupWise 8.0.3 HP1. This includes an update for the GroupWise Mac client!

You can download the Hot Patch for Windows/NLM or Linux.  Additionally a separate Windows Client download can be found here.

This includes a security patch to address an issue with the Stellant Viewers from Oracle on both Linux and Windows servers.  Novell is still working with Oracle to develop a fix for NetWare.  And while I know there are a lot of NetWare sites out there still, wouldn’t this be a good time to just move on over to Linux?  GroupWise 2012 is not available for NetWare, and it’s becoming more and more evident that it’s harder to get fixes from third parties (like Oracle) for GW on NetWare.  Give it some thought – GroupWise 2012 is really very solid, and SP1 is just around the corner!

GroupWise Mac Client Update

If you have Mac users, you can also update the Mac client to address some bugs and even some slight enhancements.  Obviously, we’re hoping for some news from Novell regarding the direction for Mac (a birdy tells me we’ll have an announcement with SP1), but this new Mac client will give your users a better GroupWise experience.  You can use this updated Mac client on the following agent versions:

  • GroupWise 8.0.2 HP3
  • GroupWise 8.0.3 and 8.0.3 HP1
  • GroupWise 2012
  • Upcoming GroupWise 2012 SP1

Download Mac Update here!

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