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GroupWise WebAccess Helper App for iPhone — 12 Comments

  1. Im sorry but for .99 cents (even at .99cents) i dont believe this app is worth it. I can make a link on my home screen for free. The only advantage is for the option to just save your password? Why not make it a free application untill its better developed.

  2. I saw this post and was very anxious to look into it, I’ve been after a better way of accessing WebAccess from my iPhone since I bought it. Apologies to the developer(s) but this is a joke. Simply nothing exciting about it, almost featureless.
    I really would of recommended not mentioning this on the web, as it must be an embarrassment. Yes, tell your colleagues, but don’t put this out to the world on emails and websites, and PLEASE don’t tell me to pay for it, even at such a low price. Very disappointed!!!

  3. I have to say, I’m really quite surprised at the negative comments! I honestly find the “SSL Check Skip” function of this app to be worth the $0.99 alone. But then again you have to have a self-signed or somehow otherwise problematic SSL Certificate to see the benefit of that I guess. I DO have many small customers though who do have self-signed certs, and for whom I think an app such as this would have great benefit. I guess to each his own on this one!

  4. Wow guys. That is a lot of negativity.

    For a whole $.99 you get convenience.
    – You get to skip the SSL cert popup
    – It fills in your password for you. You do have a complex and difficult to guess password that is therefore hard to type on the iPhone, right?
    – An icon that doesn’t suck (the bookmarking feature creates a poor one).

    What else did you expect for a dollar? What else do you want for a dollar? Really, I want to know. Convenience is worth a dollar to me.

    Or are you just being negative because what you really want is a $9.99 app that does everything? Because from where I sit, if you aren’t willing to pay a dollar for a small, convenience app, you will not pay more for a better app – which means the better app will never get created.

  5. Most Mac users will want something for their iPhone that will magically turn Groupwise mail (which historically has been alien to most people) into GMail or similar slick app. Hopefully GW8 + ActiveSync support or Wave will remove the need to have a kludgy bridge between proprietary GW and open/extensible clients.

  6. Very dispointed in this app. My iphone already saves my password. Paid for somthing that could be done for free.

    Question: If your using acess manager will this app even work?

  7. Just a thought here… If you are using self-signed certs, wouldn’t it be more cost effective to register a simple trusted RapidSSL (www.rapidssl.com) cert (or equivalent) instead of charging 99 cents to your users? That should take care of a third of the conveniencies this app offers without taking into account that the other non-iPhone WebAccess users would benefit also.

    As I said, just a thought…

    – Eric

  8. …or if the Groupwise team would just write a mobile version of WebAccess that wasn’t so damn primitive (unlikely), we wouldn’t need an app. GMail’s mobile version of its webmail is quite well done and supports most functions (at least the iPhone optimization is spot-on).

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