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Important dbcopy information (warning) regarding storelowercase switch — 3 Comments

  1. Hello Danita,

    I have recently had a different issue with dbcopy. I am wondering if you have seen anything like this.

    I was migrating from a NetWare source server to a SLES 11 x_64 virtual server. My dbcopy command looked like this:

    First Pass:
    dbcopy -f -m -k -p

    Second Pass:
    dbcopy -s -m -k -p

    Customer also had a library.
    dbcopy -b

    What happened was that dbcopy transferred the offiles directory once using lower case on the destination and once using UPPER case on the destination. You can about imagine the issues this caused.

    I had to open a case with Novell to resolve. It took 3 hours of unplanned down time but we did it. Thanks Kiran!

    We have no idea what caused this issue.

  2. Alas, if indeed you just did a

    dbcopy -b

    and not a

    dbcopy -b -m

    this would explain your issue. The blob copy will not automatically make things lowercase, so any time you are using dbcopy to ANYTHING Linux, remember that -m switch. That’s all I can think of that would cause your problem.

    I once had a migration that we had to start all over, because someone decided to do a “repeat” of the first pass copy the next day (which is totally okay to do), but left out the -M switch. It was just easier to blow the copy on the Linux server away and start the migration all over at that point.

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