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Your Answer to Virus and Spam Control

Iris Pure eMail by Caledonia provides both anti-virus and anti-spam services for your email system. Compatible with all SMTP based email systems (GroupWise, Notes, Exchange, etc.). In our testing, virus laden mail and spam account for a full 50% of the mail coming through our customers’ mail servers. Why even let that dangerous and wasteful traffic into your site. Stop it before it ever hits your servers.


In today’s world of email borne viruses, most sites come to us in the search of anti-virus protection for their email systems. However, Iris Pure eMail by Caledonia is MUCH MORE!

Iris Pure eMail by Caledonia provides:

  • Antivirus Protection
  • Company-wide Signature Files
  • Optional File blocking with user exceptions
  • Spam Blocking
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Near elimination of undesired E-mail
  • Simple configuration (no software to install or maintain at customer site)
  • Extremely flexible disposition of suspect E-mail
  • Mail Forwarding option –  forward all spam plus, blocked or any bad or undeliverable e-mails to a mailbox of your choosing.
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

Transparent and Effective

There is no hardware or software installation required at any customer site.  Iris Pure eMail maintains all the filtering servers and updates the filters as required.


Email to and from your site is scanned for viruses. Only E-mail from the Internet to your site is filtered for spam.  Customer outbound and internal E-mail is not filtered for spam. E-mail messages are not permanently stored at Caledonia Network Consulting.

E-mail Reliability

With the Iris Pure eMail service, customer’s E-mails are protected from loss due to their own E-mail servers being unavailable. The Iris Pure eMail service acts as a set of redundant systems collecting and temporarily storing E-mail until your E-mail servers come back online. Once your servers are back online our systems transfer any pending E-mails to them automatically. Some of the reasons your E-mail servers may be offline include: hardware failure, server overload, unscheduled maintenance issues, scheduled maintenance windows, and connectivity problems. Note, our servers will only hold your mail for 4 days before returning it to the sender as undeliverable.


It only takes a few minutes to sign-up and begin to protect your company from unwanted E-mail and Viruses.  A quick change to the DNS and a few decisions on what to do with the suspected spam and blocked mail and you are off and running.*

*Time needed to switch your service is dependent on the time it takes your ISP or DNS administrator to implement DNS changes.

Return On Investment (ROI)

For a company with 50 employees and an average salary of $40,000, if each employee wastes 10 minutes per day dealing with “spam” :

  • The annual savings is more than $38,000
  • The ROI is 1275%

A company with 100 employees and an average salary of $60,000

  • The annual savings is more than $117,000
  • The ROI is 19,630%

Other Benefits

  • Reduced frustration
  • Reduced risk of overlooking a critical E-mail
  • Reduced likelihood of accidentally deleting a desired E-mail

Free 20 Day Trial

Use the service for 20 days Risk-Free.  We are sure that you will be satisfied. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied there will be no charge.  If you continue to use the service, you will then be billed according to our standard billing policy

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

The service is billed in advance for each billing cycle. If a customer is not fully satisfied with the service during the month, the charge for that month is credited with no further obligation from the customer to continue the service Other payment options are available in our standard billing policy.


Number of mailboxes

Price per month in U.S. dollars

Fewer than 50

Flat fee $75.00


Flat fee $100.00


$100 plus $0.75 per user over 100


$375 plus $0.50 per user over 500


$625 plus $0.25 per user over 1000

A 5% discount is available on the above pricing for quarterly payments. Some restrictions apply.
A 15% discount is available on the above pricing for an annual agreement. Some restrictions apply.
A 25% discount is available on the above pricing for a two year agreement. Some restrictions apply.

Contact for more information about pricing.

What do you do?

Try us out for 20 days free. No hardware or software is needed at your site to implement this change. A few minutes on the phone with your email admin and your ISP or DNS administrator will have you up and running.*

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*Time needed to switch your service is dependent on the time it takes your ISP or DNS administrator to implement DNS changes.