Losing our religion

One of the wonderful things about GroupWise is that there are so many “faces” that are associated with both GroupWise and Novell. There are names that immediately are paired with a face in many GroupWise customers’ minds. Indeed, those “faces” often evoke a sense of GroupWise community. I always hesitate to start naming names (or referencing faces!), because inevitably I will leave out someone’s “favorite”. However, think about it – Ken Muir’s grin, Morris Blackham’s beard, Richard Bliss’ funny antics, (and formerly Howard Tayler’s boots) all give the GroupWise family a sense of “being”.

Last week Novell lost a “face”. The “Reverend” Ted Haeger has moved on to other pastures (you can check out Ted’s blog here to find out more about his move). During his tenure at Novell, Ted was of course a huge GroupWise advocate, and served as Director of Marketing for GroupWise before taking on the role that he is now leaving. Ted gave Novell not only a face to remember, but a voice as well. Ted’s work in Novell’s “Community” and specifically in Novell Open Audio has brought a myriad of exciting new topics to the Novell community, introducing new voices to the forefront, and giving us an urge to make acquaintance with some more “faces” in the Novell world. And of course Ted has a face, no, a persona, that is synonymous with the fun and camaraderie of serious business!

All the best to Ted in his new venture. The Novell family will miss you! I’m sure we will keep on keeping on, but at least for the short term it won’t be quite the same!


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