Mac Java Update Breaks Multi-Select for GroupWise 8.01

Last week, Apple rolled out it’s Java 10.5.6 Update for OS X. If you are running GroupWise 8.01 on your Mac, and have not accepted this update yet, you might want to try to avoid it! It breaks “multi-select” in the GroupWise 8.01 client. That is, you cannot Command-click non-contiguous items in your mailbox to delete, move, forward, etc.

This does not seem to affect GroupWise 7.x clients, or the GroupWise 8.0 client. We have not had time to test all versions of the client, but have verified that all GroupWise 8 clients available at are affected (i.e., GroupWise 8.01). If you have GroupWise 8.0 shipping, you will be okay. If you have the Hot Patch for GroupWise 8.0 (from mid-May, 2009), this one also seems okay, but is no longer available from the download site. You can get this version by emailing and asking for the GroupWise 8 HP1 Mac client!

In trying to find a reasonable “downgrade” solution for the Mac Java, it seems like all of the options are pretty difficult for the average Mac user. I’m going to see if I can find a Java downgrade solution that makes sense for everyone. I’ll post an update when/if I have other news!


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