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Novell Knowledge Partners Program?  What’s that, you ask?  Well, for those of you who have known me many years, you will remember that I have been what was called a “Sysop” on the Novell Support Forums for about 13 years now.  Last year, Novell changed this program to the Novell Knowledge Partners Program, to acknowledge that there are folks who volunteer their time and share their knowledge in many different ways that benefit Novell and its customers.  Each year in September/October, Novell takes nominations for Novell Knowledge Partners in order to help “find” new people who are giving of themselves in the Novell community.  If you know of current Novell Knowledge Partners ( whom you would like to nominate for the coming year, or if there is someone you know of who is not currently listed as a Novell Knowledge Partner who you believe meets the criteria, please be sure to put in your nomination.  Oh – and by the way – this is not a plea for you to nominate me 🙂  Of course if you had intended to do so, feel free, but I’m really just helping Novell get the word out.  Not only do the current NKPs like to be reminded that you notice their participation, but without input from the community it’s difficult sometimes to quantify all of the work that new people are doing to contribute to the Novell world!

So, if there is someone out there whom you want to really “thank” for his or her contributions to the Novell community at large, speak up!  We only have about 2 weeks left in the nominating window.  You may nominate as many people as you feel are deserving.  So take a moment to think about those places where you go for your information about Novell.  Is a a blog?  A mailing list?  The Novell Support Forums?  Cool Solutions?  Other newsgroups?  Who are the people there who stand out in your mind as the most helpful and knowledgeable about Novell products?  Let Novell know!



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