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It used to be so simple, this GroupWise wireless issue. We didn’t have anything! It might have been frustrating, but hey, we had simple answers for our users when they asked about wireless sync options for their new devices.

My how things change. Over the years we’ve gained so many options. I have used various IMAP programs, Toffa’s SyncWise Enterprise (which still has a very special place in my heart), NotifyLink, Blackberry Enterprise Server, GroupWise Mobile Server, etc. Each of these solutions has very unique and useful features for the mobile user, and since I’m a tester extraordinaire, I’ve switched back and forth between 2 or 3 of them a week at times!

But face it. YOU don’t really want to have 2 or 3 different servers and solutions at your site if you can avoid it. However, many sites have become resigned to the idea that a BES and a GMS are necessary to keep all of their mobile users satisfied.

Then enter the iPhone! This device has shaken things up, both by the very quick adoption rate of users, and by its unique synchronization needs. You may already have a BES and a GMS, or a BES and a SyncWise server. Now you have iPhone users knocking down your door! Currently, NotifyLink is the only provider of a server-based GroupWise synchronization solution for the iPhone. For many sites this means three separate solutions for their wireless users. How are you going to manage that?

I’ve been chatting with the NotifyLink folks about this dilemma. I think they have some good solutions.

If you only have a few iPhone users parked in your office, you can give them a hosted NotifyLink On Demand account, and have these users up and running in a matter of minutes! This On Demand service has an annual fee of $180 per user, which is really a good deal if you think about it. Notify handles the device setup and support for your On Demand users for $15 a month. A perfect solution for a handful of iPhone users who just want their GroupWise (and what a worthy desire)!

On the other hand, if you are ready to “simplify” your wireless server situation, Notify has a deal for you! Consolidate your wireless servers with an On Premises NotifyLink server and offer a unified solution to all of your wireless users.  If you are using GMS, you will need to double-check your devices to see that there is a NotifyLink client for them, but chances are there will be.

And here at Caledonia we want to sweeten the pot a bit.  For a limited time, set up either On Demand users, or consolidate your servers in-house, and we will send you a coupon for our next Upgrade Guide, due out when Bonsai ships.  Just tell the NotifyLink folks that Danita sent you, and shoot us an email at to let us know you’ve signed up and get on the list for the book!  And if you want to “Simplify with Notify”, NotifyLink is offering an additional incentive by giving you a $500 discount on the NotifyLink server software.

In the meantime, let me know what you think about all of the options and solutions that are available to you for your wireless users!

Danita (posted from my iPhone – what a geek!)


Simplify with Notify — 4 Comments

  1. Richard,

    I think you’ve had your iPhone one day longer than mine then!

    I suppose you noticed that I have the “iPhones” templates enabled for the blog, so you can read it nice and clearly on the iPhone without having to zoom in/out 🙂

    Notifylink does indeed rock! I’m having some anxiety over some of my missing Palm features on the iPhone itself though – but it takes time to get used to new technology. By tomorrow I should be all better 🙂


  2. The GroupWise option just seems so complicated, when the Exchange option is so easy.. We run a Novell shop but were forced to go to Exchange. I was very hesitant, however since it has been in, we have had 0 problems, and getting webmail/active sync working with squid was a snap, so the webmail server running on a single VM, services all our mobile devices and webmail, I think it is time Novell woke up and either makes GW8 sp1 to compete with the features of Exchange or give GW to the world of Open Source, and see what happens..

    Just my thoughts,