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Simplify with Notify — 4 Comments

  1. Richard,

    I think you’ve had your iPhone one day longer than mine then!

    I suppose you noticed that I have the “iPhones” templates enabled for the blog, so you can read it nice and clearly on the iPhone without having to zoom in/out 🙂

    Notifylink does indeed rock! I’m having some anxiety over some of my missing Palm features on the iPhone itself though – but it takes time to get used to new technology. By tomorrow I should be all better 🙂


  2. The GroupWise option just seems so complicated, when the Exchange option is so easy.. We run a Novell shop but were forced to go to Exchange. I was very hesitant, however since it has been in, we have had 0 problems, and getting webmail/active sync working with squid was a snap, so the webmail server running on a single VM, services all our mobile devices and webmail, I think it is time Novell woke up and either makes GW8 sp1 to compete with the features of Exchange or give GW to the world of Open Source, and see what happens..

    Just my thoughts,