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  1. Wow, thanks for writing about this Danita.

    I find Novell even thinking about this to be quite puzzling. I’ve always dealt with the perception that working with Novell products is a niche market. But if they go through with this, it becomes an exclusive market. And that makes it harder for us to push Novell products onto customers if Novell is taking away any remaining mindshare they have out there in the world.

    Just this morning, I’m downloading all service packs and patches available for a customer call. It is essential in keeping the Novell products active in that customer’s environment that I arrive fully-prepared with all updates in my hand the moment I go on the clock.

    The alternative is to sit there, potentially for hours, on site during billable time downloading software via the customer’s maintenance agreement accounts. That’s a surefire way to seal the deal for customers who are on the fence currently about whether to stay with Novell or go with a competing product.

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