Things are looking grim for Danita!

Don’t panic!  It’s only a web comic!  But it sure is fun.

Many of you who follow Caledonia know Howard Tayler and his web comic Schlock Mercenary.  I met Howard 18 years ago at WordPerfect Corporation.  I attended a training for WordPerfect’s online volunteer support team (there were some of us from CompuServe and The Source there – that should take some of you back a bit), and Howard was doing training on “WordPerfect Office”.  Howard later became the Product Manager for Novell GroupWise.  For the past 11 years, Howard has been penning a fun and daring web comic, and a few years ago he decided to give it a try for “real” and made it his full time job.  I frequently remind Howard that he is my proof of “life after IT”.

I’ve been a recurring “character” in Schlock for about 8 months now, but it’s not looking good for my long-term survival there I’d say!  I keep hoping that maybe I’ll be more like Novell and GroupWise though, and keep beating the odds!  If you are reading this post, then GroupWise (and Novell) is probably still beating the odds where you are too.  Good and solid products (and people) are hard to kill off, and I’m thankful that you are all still around to follow my GroupWise musings (and my web comic life).  At least Schlock’s “Danita” is managing to put up a good fight too!

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Happy GroupWising!



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