The GroupWise Administrative Service (gwadminservice)

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The GroupWise Admnistrative Service is the process that allows you to administer GroupWise from a web browser.  When you go through the GroupWise installation, this service is configured in the /etc/opt/novell/groupwise/gwadminservice.conf (on Windows this is configured in the registry).  Well, if you can call it “configuration”.  Essentially this configuration file simply indicates that the administration service has been installed on your GroupWise server, and should be called by the grpwise script.

Here is what happens during the grpwise script startup when it loads gwadminservice:

  1. The admin service reads the list of MTAs and POAs that are configured in the gwha.conf or Windows Registry Service.  We will simply refer to the gwha.conf file from here on, but the procedure is valid for reading the Windows registry as well.[level-groupwise-administration]
  2. For each MTA or POA found in the gwha.conf file, the home switch is extracted to find the database for the domains/pos.  ch poa or mta, the startup file is parsed to retrieve the path to the database (/home option).
  3. The gwadminservice startup process then looks into each of the databases specified in the startup files and collects the information about the admin service for each object.  This includes the admin port, ip address and bind exclusive flag.
  4. You can check this information by running the “gwadminutil dbinfo <path to db>”. This will read and dump all of the information read from the database that is relevant to the configuration of the admin service. Note that if the output of this command reads something like “” for the admin service it means that the bind exclusive flag is false and that the admin service will listen on all interfaces. If it is not zeros, then it is bound exclusively the specified ip address.
  5. Also, the ip address and and admin port can be overridden in the startup file (to disable the admin service you can add a –adminport=0 to the startup file).





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