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If you are upgrading your prior Mobility Service, please make sure you have at least read the chapter entitled “Let’s Get Started with GroupWise Mobility Service!”  That Chapter contains all of the “What’s New” information, and other details about Version 2.0 of GroupWise Mobility Service.  It wouldn’t hurt to also read “Preparing the GroupWise System” and “Preparing the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server” to ensure that nothing has changed in your environment that might encourage you to make some changes.

Download the GroupWise Mobility Service ISO from your Customer Center portal.  Place it somewhere on the SLES 11 server where you can access it.  As discussed in “Installing your SLES Server”, you do not require a graphical interface to install or run GroupWise Mobility Service.  That said, the figures are much better for our guide if we use the graphical installation!  So, if you installed your server to boot to run level 3, just load “yast” from the terminal and follow along with our steps in the text based installation after we load YaST from the GUI.  In case you are using the text install, we assume you know how to tab through the fields and select them by pressing the space bar, and follow along with this installation, adjusting as necessary for the text based install.

For updates to an existing GroupWise Mobility Service 2.0 server, please see the section entitled “Updating the Mobility 2.0 Installation” in the chapter entitled “Administering GroupWise Mobility Service”.

Update Using the Mobility Service ISO

These instructions are for the GUI based YaST utility.

First unload your current 1.x Mobility Service.

rcdatasync stop

ps -eaf | grep datasync



Click on Computer, and then choose YaST from the list to the right.

Opening YaST

On the left-hand side, click on Software.

Choose Patch CD Update (note:  do not use the Add-On Products option, as this would require you to go through the setup again)

You may receive information about patches available from the Novell Customer Center repositories, or even warnings about needing to update your credentials for the Novell Customer Center during this process.  Resolve any issues you receive here, and then click next.

At the Media Type window, choose Local ISO Image

Click Next.

At the next screen, click the Browse button and find the ISO that you downloaded.  Select that ISO.  Click Next.

Accept the license agreement and click Next.

You will then likely be presented the Migration Repositories screen showing the new Mobility Service information as an added repository.  It is best at this point to uncheck all repositories except for the GroupWise Mobility Service update.  There are often complications with attempting to upgrade both the OS and Mobility Service at the same time.  You can always come back and update your server if necessary after the Mobility Service is properly installed.

The next screen will show the Distribution Upgrade Settings, indicating what products will be affected by your update.

When you click Next you will be prompted to confirm the update.  Click Start Update.

Once the file copy has been completed, you will possibly be presented with a screen to update your Novell Customer Center information.  You can choose to do this, or decline and update later.

After the YaST installation ends, go to a terminal window and run



You will be presented with a few questions:

You will first be asked to verify that you wish to shut down Mobility

You will next be asked if you wish to switch your logs to Info.  If you purposefully have your logs set to higher levels for testing, say no to this prompt.

Next you will be asked if you wish to enable sending anonymous usage information to Novell. This is transparent, and no sensitive data to Novell.  You can see both the file that is sent and even the script used to create and upload data to Novell.  Novell would really like to receive data from you, and we recommend that you enable this option.

The database will then be updated for GroupWise Mobility Service 2.0.  GroupWise Mobility Service will then be started up.

It is important to note that the old “datasync” and “rcdatasync” scripts have been replaced with “gms” and “rcgms” scripts.

From here, you can go to the “Administering GroupWise Mobility Service” to see what changes have been made with administration.



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