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This wiki will discuss moving GroupWise, in just about any configuration (moving same OS, different hardware, moving to a different OS, etc.)  It will not discuss upgrading.  That is found in the various upgrade guide wikis.

Moving GroupWise Components

Things change! There are many reasons why GroupWise ends up needing to be moved from one location to another. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  • You are changing your server OS. Perhaps you have GroupWise on NetWare, and it’s now time to move to Linux or Windows.
  • An existing server is being replaced.
  • Your GroupWise post office is on a volume that is either too small, or perhaps needs to be moved to a dedicated volume.
  • GroupWise needs to be moved to a dedicated server.
  • Servers are being consolidated and GroupWise needs to move to a different server.
  • GroupWise needs to move to a new tree.

For those of us who have lived with GroupWise in its various incarnations over the past 20+ years, these tasks often seem mundane. However, when we take a closer look we realize that it is that very experience that makes these tasks seem relatively easy. Under the hood there is a lot going on for any of these moves, and they are neither trivial nor mundane, and it is important to know what is happening and why when moves are planned.

Novell has many utilities and tools designed to make the move and/or migration of GroupWise less daunting. However, for many of us who do this for a living, nothing beats a clear understanding of what is happening during a move or a migration, and often not using the migration tools results in a quicker, happier GroupWise move. During the course of this book we will point out what Novell tools are available to get you from PointA to PointB, but the real meat of this wiki will be dedicated to walking you through the move manually, step-by-step.

In this wiki we will move GroupWise from here to there – everywhere!

The wiki is divided into three sections. The first two sections are divided up according to what the target server will be. The first section is GroupWise on Linux. If the destination of the GroupWise component is Linux, you’ll deal with it here. So, for example, migrating your NetWare Server to Linux is in this section, as is moving a post office from one Linux partition to another! The second section is for moving GroupWise components on or to Windows. The final section is about moving GroupWise to a new eDirectory tree, and even moving individual GroupWise objects around in your tree. We know that you are probably anxious to jump right in, but please take the time to read the entire section dedicated to the OS you are putting GroupWise on before you start your move. This is especially a good idea if you are moving to Linux.

This book is intended to help administrators move GroupWise regardless of the version being used. It is thus impossible for us to give precise steps and screenshots for every version of GroupWise that might be moving. Our examples are all done with GroupWise 2012. Thus, you may encounter different screens, and steps in the installation of agents, etc. However, the general “moving” steps are all the same for all versions of GroupWise up and through GroupWise 2012.  When it comes time to “move” GroupWise 2014, we’ll have new instructions just for that version.

Also, we are assuming that you understand your own current GroupWise system, and the management of it. So, for example, while we might occasionally point out that you exit a NetWare agent by pressing F7, or how to stop a Windows service, we will not go into great detail about dealing with your current server in our steps in this book.

After considerable contemplation, we decided to duplicate much of the information in each section, so that you can simply work your way through one section, or one chapter to get the job done, rather than continually flipping back and forth between previous or future sections where the information might be available for another platform or migration. With that in mind, let’s get started.

Moving and Upgrading

Many administrators ask us whether it is possible to do a combination move and upgrade all at the same time. For example, if you have GroupWise 6.5 on your NetWare server, can you move it directly to GroupWise 2012 on Linux? Novell’s Migration Utility does not support this. If you choose to use the Novell migration utility, you will need to use the same version of GroupWise on both sides.

With a manual move, it is of course possible to move and upgrade at the same time. We don’t want to say flat out that it is inadvisable. There are many good GroupWise administrators who could easily accomplish this task. There are, however, many more who would find the task a bit daunting. Only you know whether or not you have the ability and confidence to manage such a task. Of course, the biggest issue with doing such a combined move/upgrade is that if you run into issues along the way, it is more difficult to know just where the problem occurred. Did you not move everything over properly? Or did the upgrade itself go wrong?

There are, of course, some reasons why a move/upgrade at the same time is almost inevitable. For example, you might be on GroupWise 6.0 on NetWare 5.1 and plan a move to GroupWise 2012 on Linux. Of course, GroupWise 6.0 is not even available on Linux, and NetWare of any version is not a supported platform for GroupWise 2012. In such a case, there isn’t much that can be done other than a simultaneous move and upgrade.

If you are in a situation where you MUST do the move and upgrade together, or if you are an administrator who feels confident that you can accomplish this task and wish to do it, we could recommend that you follow the instructions for the move up prior to actually configuring and loading the new agents, and then switch to the upgrade guide wiki that fits your needs.