Moving GroupWise to or on Linux

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In this section, we will discuss moving GroupWise on or to Linux.  While many of you think of this as moving from NetWare or Windows to Linux, this section on “GroupWise on Linux” will actually also include information about moving GroupWise from one Linux Server to another, and even moving GroupWise from one Linux partition to another.

So, while we assume that many (if not most) of you are here because you need to make “The Big Move” off of NetWare, hopefully this guide will also be useful down the road when you need to make less drastic adjustments to your GroupWise systems on Linux.

Thus, if you are moving a GroupWise domain from “any OS” to Linux (including Linux to Linux), you would want to reference “Moving a Domain with No Gateways – Linux”.   If you are moving a post office to your new Linux server you could go to “Moving a GroupWise Post Office to Linux”.

There is a chapter in this section that is not really duplicated in the Windows section.  That is the chapter on “Deciding on the Move to Linux”.  Most administrators know why the need to move from  NetWare.  And the choice for Windows is usually because NetWare is largely being replaced by Windows.  The move to Linux is one that we feel needs some discussion.  Thus we will start this section off with some musings about Linux, and why we might want to go that direction.

Good luck with your move!