Upgrading/Migrating from NetWare

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As a long-time GroupWise administrator, user and consultant, GroupWise 2012 brings with it many changes for me.  I’ve used GroupWise since before it was GroupWise!  I started with WordPerfect 2.0 in 1989, and I’ve used every version since.

We will discuss all of the changes that you need to know about GroupWise 2012 in the next chapter, “Preparing for Your GroupWise Upgrade”.  There is, however, one major change that needs to be addressed before you continue.  With GroupWise 2012, Novell has discontinued NetWare as a server platform for GroupWise.  This means that any GroupWise installation on NetWare will not be a simple upgrade.  Rather, we will need to do a migration/upgrade.

This guide has been written for sites which currently run GroupWise on NetWare, and now need to both migrate the GroupWise system from NetWare to Linux or Windows, and subsequently upgrade to GroupWise 2012.  If you have purchased this guide in error, and need the guide intended to upgrade your Linux or Windows GroupWise system in place, please contact info@caledonia.net and we will make sure you get the proper guide.