2014-02-19 GroupWise 2014 Upgrades

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I think this week’s webinar suffered from too few prayers to the demo gods.   Firstly, there was a problem with the gotomeeting recording.  After about 8 minutes, the audio cut out, and so it would be pretty useless to show.  But secondly, when I went to re-record some of it so that you would have the content of the webinar, I uncovered a pretty big bug that has cropped up recently regarding an in-place upgrade of GroupWise 8.  We don’t know how long it will be until GroupWise 2014 ships, and while we assume that this problem will be addressed before shipment, we’ve devised a workaround.  So, this webinar replay contains the beginning of the gotomeeting webinar, up to the point where the audio cut out, and then I recorded a new GroupWise 8 upgrade on Linux.  As you will see, there is a workaround for the current upgrade issues we found with GW 8, and we hope that they will be totally resolved by the time GroupWise 2014 ships.

I will also upload a second video of the “migration” upgrade for the GroupWise 6.5 system that I mention at the beginning of the video.  That will appear here as well when it is ready.  Both upgrade videos will also appear on the “How-To Videos Page