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Thank you for purchasing the Caledonia Upgrade Guide for GroupWise 2012.

This is the errata page for the version of the guide that takes you from NetWare to GroupWise 2012 on either Windows or Linux. Here we will list any changes of note to the guide.

Chapter 3

Page 16: Some people have had difficulty finding ncpfs to install it to the Linux server. In the case of SLES 11, this is found on the SDK DVD. It should be noted the ncpfs is no longer supported by Novell, and it is often suggested that instead the Novell Client for Linux should be used. This is very difficult to implement on a SLES only server, and honestly does not provide any more reliable connection than ncpfs. We still recommend ncpfs. If you cannot find it on a SDK disk, a simple search for ncpfs download SLES will turn it up at various repository sites.

General installation note on 64 bit servers: if you experience python errors running the GroupWise install script, try adding the following packages on YaST, Software, Software Management:






Chapter 5

Installing ConsoleOne Snapins on Linux

While our guide suggests that you install the ConsoleOne snapins manually, we have found that this does not install openMotif, and causes problems with ConsoleOne. If you access ConsoleOne and choose Tools|GroupWise System Operations|Open Domain and no window pops up, run the actual install script and choose to install (but not configure) GroupWise Administration.

Chapter 8

At the end of Chapter 8 we mention deleting objects and doing the following:

• GroupWise WebAccess Agents no longer in use. Make certain you export any access control settings you might need as outlined above before you delete the objects!

Unfortunately that information was not actually “outlined above”.  In the WebAccess Agent Access Control settings, click o the “export” button at the bottom of the screen to export the information (see figure).