GroupWise 2014 Upgrade Guide – Migration

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The official release of this guide is version 1.0.0 dated March 31, 2014.  You will find this version number on the inside cover of the printed guide, or what is page i of the PDF version.  Prior to version 1.0.0 there were numerous formatting and typographical changes to the book, but no substantial changes to content.

Changes since version 1.0.0

Page 52

Setting the mode to user should be:

./gwadminutil installcfg -m user -u gwinstall -p mypass

Page 56, after the figure.

If you forget to change the path now, you may run into upgrade issues on the new server when the installation routine attempts to verify the domain location.  If you have issues with the upgrade not completing, the first place to look is the domain path location!


Page 215

At the end of the “Reenabling the GroupWise High Availability Agent section, add the following:

Edit the /etc/opt/novell/groupwise/gwha.allow file and add the user you have defined for your “hauser” user.