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Now that GroupWise 2014 has shipped, there are a few differences in the installation of the Mobiity server.

Page 11

In the section on creating the Trusted Application in ConsoleOne, you will rather do the following:

  1. Open the GroupWise Administration Console for your primary domain.
  2. Click on the GroupWise to the left, and then choose Trusted Applications.
  3. Click New to start a new Trusted App setup.
  4. You will not see the entries for a location or name for the trusted app key file.  Rather, upon clicking OK to create the trusted application, you will receive a popup giving you the option to export the key to a text file, or copying the string to your clipboard.  We recommend that you export the key to a file for safekeeping.


Page 13

Once again, this is giving the instructions for ConsoleOne.  Please change this to the following through step 9 if you are using the GroupWise Administration Console:

  1. In the Administration Console, click on Post Office Agents in the left side.
  2. Click on the POA you wish to edit.
  3. Click Agent Settings.
  4. Scroll down and click the “Enabled” box under SOAPto turn on SOAP.
  5. The default for “Max SOAP threads” is 40. This cannot be increased. It can, however, be decreased if you wish to reduce overhead on the POA. The POA will start with four SOAP threads, and add more as needed, up to the Max stated here.
  6. Verify that SOAP shows port 7191 for the Internal SOAP port (or change it as necessary if you wish to use a different port). If you intend to enable SSL for this Post Office Agent, set the SSL to “required” or “enabled”.  Click Save to update these changes
  7. To enable SSL, you also have to indicate the location of the certificate file. Copy the files that were generated in the SSL Certificates Section above to a location on the server so that they are accessible by the POA.
  8. Click on the SSL Settings tab. Enter the location for both the certificate and key which was received, and if necessary, enter the certificate password.
  9. Click Save to save all of your changes.

Page 19

These settings are also for ConsoleOne, but are applicable for the Administration Console.  If you need to copy the file from Linux or Windows to the Mobility Service, use the proper commands.

Page 52

The information regarding users in this section needs some terminology changes for GroupWise 2014.  There is no longer an “External Entity” in GroupWise, and such users are just “unassociated” GroupWise users.  The information pertaining to eDirectory users also pertains to Active Directory users.