Each month, as a member you are entitled to upload MTA/GWIA/POA/GWCHECK logs for two domains and one post office.  If you have more domains/pos, you can either purchase additional log analysis, or simply rotate your logs each month.  Please turn on verbose logging for all of your agents.  Otherwise, the logs are of little use to analyze.  Acceptable logs are:

  • MTA:  Up to 3 full days of log files
  • GWIA:  Up to 3 full days of log files
  • POA:  Up to 3 full days of log files
  • GWCHECK:  If possible, please include all of the following:
    • One full post office structure/fix check
    • One full post office contents check with “collect statistics” included
    • One audit report

To upload your logs, please do the following:


  • Zip up your text file above, and your logs, and name the file with year-month-memberlogin.zip.  If your member login name is your email address, include only the information in front of the @ symbol.  So, for example, your file name might be 2013-12-danitaz.zip.
  • Although we theoretically will accept files larger than 10MB, the upload process seems to hang on larger files, and gives you no indication of the problem.  So, please split your uploads into files 10MB or smaller if you run into issues.
  • Do not have any spaces in your filename.  The file will not upload if the filename contains spaces.
  • The files will upload into a special directory based on your login name, but it is easier for us later to have the file named with your member name!
  • Upload the file via the upload dialog below.
  • Also, please Contact Us to let us know the logs have been updated, as we’ve been having difficulties with the notification for these, and don’t want to miss your logs!

If you include more than three days of logs, or more than 1 GWCHECK of each type, we may not be able to analyze the logs.  As you might imagine, we get a LOT of log files, and cannot take the time for each submission to pick through excessive information.  We will not analyze logs in “normal” mode, nor will we analyze GWCheck contents logs that do not include statistics.  Thanks for understanding!


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