I’m a geek – we all know that! I thought I’d share some of my favorite apps that are currently on my iPhone and iPad (some were on my iPod Touch before I became an iPhone user)


GW Mail
GW Mail is a wonderful way to access GroupWise WebAccess for those who have no other access via the native Apple mail app. And for those of us who actually do get our mail in the mail app (IMAP, NotifyLink, Novell Mobility), it’s a very nice addition for those times when an email has an attachment type that isn’t supported by the mail app, but can be viewed by WebAccess. In my opinion, every GroupWise user who has access to GroupWise WebAccess should have this app!

GW Calendar
GW Calendar allows you to access your GroupWise Calendar through WebAccess. This is a very useful app for those who do not have a synchronization option for the GroupWise calendar.

Mail Triage

An interesting IMAP tool to help reach zero mailbox status.

Mail Pilot

This is another very interesting zero mailbox app – at a hefty price – $14.99.  There are some vexing things about Mail Pilot, and some things I just love.


A “multi” IM product that allows for all of the standard IM protocols, as well as Twitter feeds.


Dispatch is an interesting app, because it is so integrated with multiple apps.  It has its own ability to create snippets, but can also integrate with TextExpander for iOS.  It can send tasks to OmniFocus, Things, etc.  It can save email messages into Evernote.  It lacks some very basic functionality for me though, in that it cannot access folders from the app (although it can file things away to folders.


Documents to Go
Editi your documents on the iPhone. Access attachments from email, dropbox, or many other document “cloud” services. Until I got ahold of the QuickOffice for the iPad I swore by Docs to Go. I still use it for many things. See my comments in QuickOffice for my gripes.

QuickOffice for iPad and QuickOffice for iPhone
While I have other “document” software listed below, I’ve pretty much settled on QuickOffice as my favorite. None of the “office suites” compare entirely with your desktop office suites, but this one seems the best overall. You can sync with various “cloud” synchronization services such as DropBox, GoogleDocs, MobileMe, etc. (as can Docs to Go, but I’m liking QuickOffice better), and just seems to have a better system for getting documents back and forth between a Mac/PC and the iPad/iPhone. Even though you could use the QuickOffice for iPhone for both the iPhone and iPad, only do this if you are trying to save some money. I find the “HD” version for the iPad very nice, and even buying it twice, if you also want the iPhone version, is less than purchasing all three Apple “iWorks” apps, which to date have no real useful way to get docs back and forth without a USB connection. My only big gripe about QuickOffice is that it does not use the default mail account to send email. So, I tend to edit in QuickOffice and send from Docs to Go. Now, if you only want to purchase one, I like QuickOffice editing better, and you will have to decide if the email issue bugs you enough.

Allows for printing from the iPhone/iPad either directly to an IP printer, or via a PC/Mac running a “print server” application (free download). If you only have an iPad or iPhone, you can get PrintCentral for iPad or PrintCentral for iPhone for a little less money. PrintBureau is a combined app that will work on all iOS devices.

Before the iPhone had a native todo/task program for synchronization with GroupWise, I used  Toodledo (which is web based on the Mac/PC, but app based on the iOS devices). I put a web panel in GroupWise for the Toodledo site, and thus I have my task list both “in” GroupWise and on the iPhone/iPad.

This is Apple’s word processor. As stated above, I like QuickOffice better for most implementations, but everyone has their own preferences!

Again – for spreadsheets, etc.

Apple’s Presentation software.

I will say right now I have Agendus for the iPhone, but it is not nearly as important to me as when it was on my Treo. I’m hopeful that someday Apple will open the API for the calendar, and then Agendus can really shine on the iPhone as well.

WordPress – well I try to use this one. Latest update just refuses to talk to my blog!


Allows taking notes by hand.

PDF Reader Pro

GoodReader – a friend just showed me this one – I haven’t had time to play with it too much, but it does seem to be a very useful way to organize and view files on the iPad.

Network Utilities and File Sharing

Mocha Telnet
I’m an email consultant – need I say more? It allows for SSH into Linux servers, Telnet to mail servers, etc.

Desktop Connect
This is an RDP and VNC client. While I started with Mocha VNC (below), I like Desktop Connect better now that I have an iPad!

Mocha VNC
I’m a computer consultant – need I say more <g>?

Network Ping
I’m a computer consultant . . . .

VI Reference – I can never remember all of the commands!

Air Sharing
Allows me to put files I need access to on my iPhone, and was very important at one time. It’s mostly been replaced for me by QuickOffice though. Air Sharing HD is the best for the iPad – very slick.

ShoveBox Mobile
I got ShoveBox for the Mac in a MacHeist bundle, and liked it so much that I had to go get the mobile verison for the iPhone. Coupled with Shovebox for the Mac, it allows for synchronizing files, notes, bookmarks, etc, between the iPhone and the Mac. It doesn’t replace a file sharing/editing program (like QuickOffice or even Air Sharing) for larger files, but is great for “notes” and such.


a2z Pro – great conversion utility for just about any unit of measure or currency

Vlingo – Voice activation for a 3G

eBook Readers

eReader – ebook reader for ereader.com books.

Eucalpytus – another ereader! This one automatically download Project Gutenberg books to the iPhone. So, while the reader itself costs money, in general the books are all free.

B&N eReader – YAER (yet another eReader)

Kindle for Phone – YAER – I have them all, just in case!

Stanza – YAER

Social Networking and News

NNTP Reader – because I work the Novell forums so much, NNTP is almost a job requirement for me. This is one of the only NNTP readers for the iPhone, and so far it definitely is the best I’ve seen! It was recently updated for the iPad, and it is truly awesome on the “big screen”.

NetNewsWire – a great RSS client for the iPhone and the Mac – it sychronizes the feeds to GoogleNews, so I don’t see the same articles over and over as I switch between Mac and iPhone.

Facebook – Social Networking stuff

Duo – this is a cute little app that just allows you to update Twitter and Facebook at the same time.

MyPhone+ for Facebook – this app synchronizes Facebook friends with your iPhone contacts list.

Mr. Reader – an RSS reader that integrates with Google Reader



Pandora Radio – cause sometimes I don’t have all the music I need.

Shazam Encore
iconThis was one of the first apps I installed on my iPhone, and it is GREAT. I love being able to identify a song that I hear on the radio or in an office for later checking and/or downloading. I’m testing Midomi and MusicID now though to see which I like best!

iconThis is another music identifier/tagger. I think perhaps the most interesting feature of this app when comparing Shazam Encore and Midomi Ultra is the “Now Playing” option. You can get information on the current song playing on the iPod and see lyrics, etc.

Midomi Ultra
This is another music tagger.

Skype – Just another way to keep in touch with friends and family via voice!

SlingPlayer Mobile – I have a SlingBox, so for me this is a really fun app. I can watch my own TiVO back home on the train, or on the beach!

Spotify – if you have a premium Spotify account, you can take your Spotify music with you on your iPhone as well!

Wunder Radio – a radio streaming app. I can listen to 995themountain.com even when I’m away from home.

Camera Zoom – allows my poor 3G to zoom pics 🙂


Fandango – I don’t use it that often, but hey – it’s free.

Boxee Remote – just starting to use Boxee on my Mac. The Boxee Remote for the iPhone seems to be less hassle than actually trying to navigate ON THE MAC!

i.TV – this app allows me to look up TV schedules and actually schedule my TiVO to record, while I’m away.

Games and Distractions

Koi Pond – this was the first app I ever purchased, and it is still one of my favorite – great soothing time waster.

Pocket Pond – I got this one for the iPad. Koi Pond has an HD version now too, but at the time I got the iPad, Pocket Pond was it! I imagine either Koi Pond or Pocket Pond would have the same effect 🙂

Sudoku – have tried a few of them. Still haven’t found a “perfect” version yet that has real ease of use.

eBay Mobile – hey – I gotta shop no matter where I am 🙂

Topple – a game that comes and goes from my iPhone as my mood changes!

Sky Walk – one can hardly call this a game, but it does become a huge distraction 🙂 Sky Walk allows you to hold your device up in front of you, looking at the sky, and as you move around it shows you what constellations and stars are in your night sky. It’s available for iPhone and iPad. Check the disclaimers for the versions that work (i.e., it needs a newer device with the compass functionality).


Cooking & Diet

I have MacGourmet, and love the iPad and iPhone/iPod apps that accompany it.

I recently purchased the Jamie Oliver 20 Minute Meals app. Seems fun!

I also like to keep track of what I eat, and I like Diet & Exercise Assistant for that



JailBreak Apps

Now that it’s been confirmed that it is not “illegal” to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad, you might consider a few Jailbreak Apps.

iRealSMS – a better SMS program for the iPhone.

Intelliscreen – a way to get to sms, calendar and email all from the “lock” screen

MyFi – turn your iPhone into a WiFi hotspot – to use with your laptop when you’re on the go, or even your non-3G iPad!

SBSettings – easy access to toggling WiFi, Airplane Mode, and the like.