Caledonia Network Consulting is an energetic communications company, dedicated to providing quality GroupWise support and training. Joe Zanrè, who formed the company with his wife Danita Zanrè, named the company for his native Scotland, where the father of communcations, Alexander Graham Bell, was born. Based in Colorado, the company has clients on every continent except Antarctica (if you are in Antarctica, you can help us change that!!Danita Zanrè has been using “GroupWise” since 1989, when its predecessor was known as WordPerfect Office 2.0. She has been involved closely with every version of the product since that time. She is experienced in all aspects of GroupWise, from design and installation, to training of administrators and end-users. As one of the primary consultants responsible for the day-to-day operations of Caledonia Network Consulting, Danita brings her considerable expertise to each project. She is the author of many books and articles regarding GroupWise. You can find more information about her newest work – The Caledonia Upgrade Guide for GroupWise 2012 here. Danita has been a regular speaker at Novell’s BrainShare and GWAVACon, as well as other industry conferences. Danita is a Knowledge Partner on the Novell Support Forums, where she shares her expertise and experience with thousands of GroupWise users world-wide. Contact us at:

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