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Here are some membership site offerings from Caledonia!  Trial membership (Paypal accounts only), monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions!  Purchase Order and other payment options are available at
Check out what our members are saying:
The log file analysis is worth its weight in gold!  If there were no other benefits to this membership other than the log file analysis, I’d be a lifetime member – Dan, Chicago IL
I love the idea of monthly members only webinars.  I enjoyed the launch webinar immensely.  I haven’t been able to “see” Danita present in a number of years, and I’ve missed her cheery attitude and wealth of knowledge – Marge, Lubbock TX
The GroupWise Power Admin Site includes great member’s only benefits:
  • Continually free updated information on all GroupWise books written by Danita Zanrè (available after 2 full months of membership).  Never purchase another of Danita’s books again as long as you are a member in good standing for two months at the time of publication.

$100+ value

  • Video How-tos and tips for getting the most of the GroupWise.

$1000 value

  • A minimum of 8 live webinars per year (with recorded playback) with great training opportunities for GroupWise Administrators.  No need to wait for BrainShare or other conferences to get up-to-date training on GroupWise.  We’ll have AT LEAST 8 technical webinars per year, plus the possibility of vendor sponsored webinars geared exclusively to our membership.

$2000 value

  • Monthly agent and gwcheck log review for two domains/one post office (if you have more domains/post offices, you can rotate the logs each month to keep on top of potential problems before they happen).

$600.00 value

  • Private wiki covering “all things GroupWise”

$1000 value

  • Private forums for members only.

$500 value

  • 12.5% discount on all Caledonia consulting rates

Currently $25-$43 discount per hour.

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