For my Mac friends!

Today’s topic has little to do with GroupWise or Novell I’m afraid, but being one of those multi-faceted types I thought I’d share anyway!

MacUpdate has a new promo bundle available, and as usual, if you have a use for just about any of the offerings, it’s a really good deal.

The listings with their suggested retail prices are as follows:

Parallels Desktop    $79.99
1Password    $39.95
DVDRemaster Pro    $49.99
MacUpdate Desktop    $20.00
Hands Off!    $24.95
App Tamer    $14.95
Mac DVDRipper Pro    $9.95
A Better Finder Rename    $19.95
Civilization IV    $48.99
Divvy    $14.00
TechTool Pro    $98.00

Total:    $420.72
MU Price:    $49.99

For me, although I have Parallels (which can be had for about $59.99 right now, so this bundle still pays for it!) and TechTool Pro (another great buy if you don’t have it already), I have been doing a trial of 1Password, and was just about to purchase it!  So, getting 1Password, and giving my son Civilization IV will make this particular bundle worth it for me.  (P.S. – you can also choose 1Password for Windows in this bundle if you are so inclined).

Parallels is an interesting topic actually.  I now have 3 copies of Parallels that were purchased over time in MacUpdate bundles!  As our Mac population here continues to grow, I think of the Parallels license in this bundle as useful freebie overall!  I don’t calculate the cost of Parallels for myself into the value of this bundle, but I’m sure that somewhere down the line, I will use this license and feel like it was a gift!

As for the other applications, I already have a DVD ripper, but the DVDRemaster Pro is enticing.  I have used a Windows program in the past called DVDShrink to get similar results, so I find it useful to have a Mac application like this in my arsenal, although it’s unlikely that I would have run out to purchase it all by itself.  Also, Divvy is useful, and I’ve had a trial of it in the past as well.  Again, it’s one of those apps that can be good to have around, but I could never make myself go buy it.  As for the other apps, it remains to be seen whether I will use them, but as they are essentially “freebies” now that I’ve found enough in this bundle to make it a worthwhile purchase, I may find myself using them more than I might otherwise have imagined.

So, if you are a Mac user and you need Parallels, or Tech Tool Pro, or even 1Password, you should probably click on over and get this bundle.  I think it expires March 30, 2011!

Happy GroupWising (and Mac’ing??? – how WOULD you spell that anyway!)


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