Goodbye to Ken Muir

In my last entry about the “Man in the Middle” patch issued by Novell, I told you about another “man in the middle”, Ken Muir, the Director of Engineering for GroupWise. I thought of Ken as the “man in the middle” during this time, because he showed a clear understanding of how much GroupWise customers need a straight-talking, honest representative when the going gets tough. The fact that this representative was the actual Director of Engineering for GroupWise was perhaps a bit unusual. Having someone who is really “in charge” of the product being so forthright was refreshing to say the least!


Ken is moving on. His announcement earlier today that he is taking a new position in Waltham at Novell Headquarters came as a surprise to most of the GroupWise community. Ken has been very “visible” to the community, and we will miss him very much. Good luck to you Ken – and keep in touch!


Replacing Ken is Dean Lythgoe, a long-time GroupWise Engineer, who to many of us seems the embodiment of GroupWise! I agree with Ken that Dean will continue to keep GroupWise moving forward. I’ve worked with Dean for many years, and look forward to seeing what new developments come out of his team.


We wish both Ken and Dean many congratulations in their new positions!




Goodbye to Ken Muir — 1 Comment

  1. Danita,

    I agree, with your statement, Ken was not your typical director and for that I appreciated him and all the work he did, He helped keep me, the end user informed and excited about what was happening with GroupWise. Good Luck to Ken in his new postion.