Google Voice on the iPhone

Okay – so not exactly a GroupWise post, other than the fact that since GroupWise syncs so effortlessly to my iPhone I’m using it all of the time, so an iPhone post is SOMEHOW related – right?

Anyway, a number of people were interested recently in the mobile apps on the Google Voice site that allow access to Google Voice from Android and Blackberries, and I heard from a number of people wondering why there was no iPhone version.  While there are rumors that Google is indeed working on such an app, I guess there are those who aren’t aware that there are TWO apps for the iPhone already that allow for Google Voice access from the iPhone.  They are VoiceCentral and GV Mobile (GV Mobile also has a free version).  Both of these full featured apps cost $2.99 in the US store.

I have them both (I know, I know).  For the time being, I have to say I like VoiceCentral better, if only because it shows the voice mail transcript, and GW Mobile does not seem to do so.  That said, the GV Mobile site seems to have more information on “what’s coming” and they have some interesting things happening in upcoming versions.  For example, landscape mode, and the ability to use the program for more than one Google Voice number.  I haven’t seen information yet on what the VoiceCentral folks have planned for the future.  Since I DO have two Google Voice numbers (one personal and one business), I actually use both VoiceCentral and GV Mobile currently – one for each number.

So, if you’ve seen the buzz about Google Voice and wonder why they don’t have a Google branded iPhone app, it could very well be that they didn’t see a need to reinvent the wheel right out of the box.  I suspect Google with have their own free app down the road, and as these things tend to go, it might be that they will simply buy of one of these already available options.



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