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More new iPhone apps for GroupWise — 19 Comments

  1. Hey Danita! 🙂

    Great post on two very nice app additions that will absolutly be on my iPhone. Hope these two become real hits as they are a perfect alternative to the more expensive/harder to maintain sync solutions out there. Thanks!

    (posted from my iPhone)

  2. Much better than the GW Web app but why is it so expensive? Novell should be encouraging people to use this stuff especially as they still haven’t managed to deliver a replacement for GMS yet! They should be delivering this free!

  3. Just bought the app – unfortunately, though I am able to access the groupwise web access site via Safari on the iPhone without difficulty, when entered into the app I get “Error 404: not found” “Invalid url”.

    Our groupwise server web address is configured as:


    (where companyname is… well, the domain name of the company ). It is not a https but an http. Any suggestions now that I paid for the app? 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Stephen,

    You say “servlet/webacc” which leads me to believe you might be on GW 6.5? I know that Daniel is trying to work out some bugs with 6.5. But the description of the app in the Apple Store says it does NOT work with GW 6.5. If that’s what you got I’m not sure it will work. I’ve asked Daniel to drop by and let us know the plans for 6.5.

  5. I’m so pleased to find this app – downloaded it yesterday! I’m wondering if there is a possibility for it to do push notifications? (or at least put the little badge on it showing me how many new emails I have)

    I’m also wondering about an option to have to put in your password before opening the application. Many school districts use Groupwise, and there is sometimes student-sensitive information that should not be available to others if the phone is stolen or lost. (I know putting a passcode on the phone is an option too)

  6. 6.5 folks,

    GroupWise 6.5 support is in the works. To be honest, based on the time that I spent selling GW Web, I didn’t think there were that many 6.5 users out there. I was wrong.

    6.5 and 7/8 are different enough that I have to put some extra effort into making 6.5 work. The /servlet/webacc vs /gw/webacc is a good indicator. The big thing that was holding me back on 6.5 support was having a VM for me to test against. Danita has helped me get that started.

    I fixed a few 6.5 things in the latest update. Now the apps mostly work with 6.5. I’ll get the last bits fixed before to long and get an update out.


  7. Cindy,

    Push notifications is pretty tricky. Well, the tricky part is getting the data from GW on your behalf. But I know that everyone wants the feature, so I’ll definitely work on it as soon as I can get the major features of the current apps stabilized. Will I be able to really get it to work? We will see.

    I could probably do the badge thing based on the information from the last time you ran the app. Would that really be helpful?

    You make a pretty good case for having the option to prompt for the password each time you go into the app. I’ll add the feature to my todo list.


  8. So today I had a perfect use for GW Mail, even though I normally sync my email to my phone with NotifyLink. I needed to access a message from March 17 that was not on my phone. It was very quick and easy to pop over to GW Mail and find that message.

    I think EVERYONE needs this app 🙂

  9. Peter,

    I agree. For me that would be really annoying. But I think I can figure out a way to make it an option to prompt for the password every time, if it is important to somebody.


    • I can see mine. Do you have any problems with sent items in the regular webaccess client? Has your mailbox been around a long time (upgraded from 6.0 to 6.5 for example)? There have been issues with sent items folders being renamed in the database and causing oddities.

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