News from Novell on the new Mobility Server

Alex Evans posted the following blog entry yesterday regarding the work being done on the “GMS Replacement”.  Right now, it looks like the GroupWise Mobility Connector will be available in only one configuration:  a 64bit SLES 11 add-on, using PostgreSQL as the backend database.

You might have seen our recent poll regarding 64bit hardware usage.  How does this change your responses (if at all)?  Are you ready for 64bit SLES 11 now?

For myself, this is not an issue.  I can put up a 64bit SLES 11 server without too much hardship.  I do have some customer sites where this will pose some problems, not only with the 64bit, but the SLES11 part.  I suspect there are many Windows GMS sites out there who were hoping to not go the Linux route just yet!

What say ye??



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