Novell has shipped GroupWise 2014!

Time to go download!


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I’m ready to celebrate!  As I am sure are the GroupWise developers.  GroupWise 2014 has “hit the streets”.  You can download it here:

There are two links right now.  One just says GroupWise 2014 (link above) and the other says GroupWise 2014 Eval, but that link is not working as of the time of this missive.  They should be the same files though.

And we got our official GroupWise 2014 Upgrade Guides ready just in the nick of time.  The “In-Place” guide shipped at 218 pages.  The “Move/Migration” guide came in at 264 pages!  That’s a lot of upgrade info!

Our entire list of GroupWise 2014 listings can be found here!

Product Manager Dean Lythgoe has been posting some good info on his blog over the past few months.  Check it out for more info on what’s new!

Here’s to your upgrade success!






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