San Diego GWAVACon revisited

I had a really good time in San Diego for GWAVACon, even though I was soooooooooo sick.  I thank all of you who attended my Saturday “Afternoon with Danita” where we pondered the ins and outs of GroupWise on Linux.  Sorry I had to sit down in the chair a few times, but that was preferable to falling down I think!

For those of you who missed it, (both the Afternoon with Danita AND GWAVACon itself), I think you missed an excellent conference.  As usual the GWAVA folks put on a wonderful show with first quality accommodation and venue.

I took some time while I was there to spend some time in my old home of Ocean Beach, and visited a friend I haven’t seen in 10 years (and her husband who I haven’t seen in about 20!).  Good times were had by all.

While I was walking around Ocean Beach, down the street where I lived, I noticed the following house, which I think embodies the spirit of the place, and made me want to go home, pack up the family and move back to Ocean Beach <heehee>.

Have a great February!


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