The GroupWise 2014 Upgrade Guide is shipping!

We’re pleased to announce that the first of two GroupWise 2014 upgrade guides by Caledonia is now shipping. This first version deals with in-place upgrades on Linux and Windows. The guide covering migrations/moves to new servers with be tight on its heels!

We do have a book bundle that includes both of these guides. Find out more about all of the purchase options here:

It’s been a LONG process. Paul Lamontagne and I have worked hundreds of hours in order to bring you the best information available on upgrading your GroupWise system. The Novell GroupWise team is still hard at work, readying this great new release for you. Novell is still saying 1st quarter, so that’s right around the corner.

There is a lot NEW about GroupWise 2014, and we don’t want you to be surprised by anything as you go through your upgrade. Time to start some light reading 🙂



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