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Want a peek at GroupWise 2014 (Windermere)? — 4 Comments

  1. Thats correct what Tony mentioned. That’s really something I can’t understand. Novell offers a webinar to promote their new version for the mailplatform and they only present a link for Outlook users, why???

  2. Well, alas that’s something you’d have to take up with Novell. That said, it’s just an ICS file, and I had no problem adding it to my calendar. I only had to click on the link and it opened in GroupWise 2012 for me. But I get your gripe. It’s long been annoying to me that places like gotowebiner (who are providing you this link) insist on naming everything MS centric. This also opened for me in GW 7 (I oddly don’t have a GW 8 client handy right now to test).

  3. It is .ics and it works well with Groupwise 8.03 , Danita is correct but i have to admit, the name of the link “for Outlook” is really … umm …

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