When an error’s not an error – GroupWise 2014 Notes

GroupWise 2014 upgrades are in full swing.  I’ve personally been involved in four already, and the Novell forums are starting to see some action regarding GroupWise 2014.  Of course, in the forums that means we are seeing problem reports, and a lot of simple confusion as to how the new upgrade and administration works.  Folks rarely pop over to forums.novell.com just to say “I upgraded and it was awesome”.  By the way, if you upgrade and it’s awesome, I’d recommend that you DO go to forums.novell.com and tell the folks there just that!  While we all know that support forums usually contain mostly gripes, complaints and problems, it’s nice to see the successes too!

Anyway, today’s topic is error messages that aren’t really errors, and how not to panic 🙂 .  I’ll specifically show you two error messages that you may see that really don’t mean what they seem to mean!



iManager Plugin Java.net Error

iManager Plugin Error

When you first install the iManager Plugin, there is no prompt or indication that it needs configuration.  Thus, the first time you attempt to use it, you get a very elusive error that leads you to believe something is terribly wrong.  Just click the “GroupWise Configuration” tab to set up the plugin!

The Object is in the Pending Operation State

Occasionally you will click “save” on an operation and IMMEDIATELY see this error message:

Pending Operation State

Pending Operation State

The confusion arises when this happens immediately after you save a change.  It can deceive you into thinking that your change was not saved, when in fact this error is simply telling you that your change WAS saved, and now you cannot make new changes until the prior changes have been completed.  You will probably never see this on a single PO system, but if you are centrally managing objects from the primary domain  admin service, you will frequently see this when modifying an object on a secondary domain.

I hope this will help some of you feel more in control when you see these new error messages and wonder what you might have done wrong!  The answer is probably “nothing”!

Happy GroupWising



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