Where now GroupWise Mobile Server?

Today, Nokia made an announcement that caused quite a stir in the GroupWise community. As of October 31, 2008, Nokia will no longer sell Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite. Of course, GroupWise Mobile Server is an OEM version of Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite.  It was pretty clear almost immediately that this particular announcement came as a shock to Novell as well as to the GroupWise community. Alex Evans has posted information on the NGWList, and on his CoolBlog regarding the situation.

It’s pretty unclear at this point as to where this will land the GroupWise Mobile Server. Obviously, Novell has contracts with Nokia to provide support for GMS for the next two years. However, there has been no indication of what will happen with GMS 3 for Windows, currently in public beta, and the possibility of a GMS 3 for Linux.

All we can say from here is “stay tuned”. We will of course let you know as the events unfold.


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