You asked for prepaid rates, so here goes!

A couple of weeks ago I send out a message about “Getting off of the fence” and upgrading to GroupWise 2012.  I’ve had great response from this, and if you are reading this thinking “she’s writing directly to me” you are not alone.  That has been a recurring theme in conversations I’ve had with many GW sites.

Anyway, another one of the recurring themes is whether I have “prepayment” discounts.  Typically I don’t.  But I’ve heard this over and over.  I realize that budgets are tight everywhere, so if you feel a need for a discount for prepayment, I can do that!

Go to our Shopping Cart to the Consulting Fees category.  I have my “normal” rates for day/evening/weekend discounted for prepayment.  I don’t discount my overnight or emergency rates!

If you want to get a feel for how many hours you might need to prepay for our services, just drop me a line on our Contact Form, and we’ll start by putting together a good estimate for your work!

Happy GroupWising!



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