64-bit GroupWise

In case some of you haven’t seen Dean Lythgoe’s blog regarding the next version of GroupWise, code named Ascot, future versions of GroupWise will run on 64-bit servers only.  This includes SLES/OES2 for Linux, and Windows servers, with no support for NetWare.  The drop of NetWare should come as no surprise to most of us, since NetWare has moved to “self-support” at this point.  The 64-bit server requirement has taken some by surprise, and it’s an important change to note!

Many of you have purchased our Guide to Moving GroupWise and have already begun your plans to move to Linux.  If you have not finalized your move yet, and were planning on using a 32-bit server for your GroupWise system, you might wish to rethink this now.  [Side note: I rebuilt my own GroupWise server back in January, and of course didn’t think that far ahead.  It’s on 32-bit SLES11!!]

Now is the perfect time to get your servers running a 64-bit operating system as you make your move, so you will not be required to do the move again any time soon!



64-bit GroupWise — 2 Comments

  1. Strange, not even faint mention of client platforms, not even for future GW releases.. Having native 64-bit applications on our Terminal Services farm makes the best use of system resources. We can have close to 300 sessions per TS server. Running 32-bit on top of 64-bit causes a generous impact on memory usage due to the Windows on Windows environment. We are moving to Office 2010 x64 for this very reason. Groupwise will then be our last 32-bit application on our 64-bit TS farm.

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