GroupWise Art No Less!

Our good friend Howard Tayler has been nominated for the second year in a row for a Hugo Award in the category of Best Graphic Story for his Schlock Mercenary web comic.  Many of you will remember Howard as a former GroupWise Product Manager.  My very first memory of Howard was at WordPerfect Corporation in 1994, where he presented a class on WordPerfect Office to the then online sysops who moderated forums for WordPerfect Corporation on CompuServe and The Source.  (We all looked a bit different then.  Howard had a pony tail down to his waist and was a Mac geek, and I had never seen a Mac and had no grey in my hair yet!)

For a limited time, we have 8-1/2 x 11″ prints of Howard’s caricature of  “The GroupWise Goddess” available for free – you pay the shipping and handling fee only.  If you don’t have one of these terribly fun works by Howard, now’s the time to get it!

But more importantly, if you are a science fiction/satire fan (or just really want to thank Howard for all of the fond memories of the PM in the big black boots!), we encourage you to find out more about Howard’s work at Schlock Mercenary.  There you can purchase some of Howard’s other works, including books, posters and miniatures.  And for the iPhone/iPod Touch owners, Schlock Mercenary has it’s own iPhone or iPad app for online subscription to the comic strip.

And of course, I can only wish I looked so good as Howard managed to even make a caricature of me look!

The GroupWise Goddess by Howard Tayler



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